Notable: Eddy Hernandez

Eddy Hernandez (Life Sciences), a senior majoring in biology, was awarded a 2019 Station1 Frontiers Fellowship, which is a unique and prestigious 10-week residential summer science and technology education, research, and internship program based in the Boston area. He was selected from more than 800 applicants across the nation and the world as a result of a lengthy admissions process. He received a fellowship package worth approximately $15,000. 

The Station1 Frontiers Fellowship program is a transformative educational and professional experience that comes with an internship placement in a leading science and technology company or research laboratory, a shared curriculum on socially-directed science and technology, mentoring by a team of dedicated Station1 instructors, participation in a four-day leadership institute, a formal personal and professional development curriculum, community and social events, and financial compensation.

Station1 is a nonprofit educational institution that is building a foundation for the university of the future by expanding opportunity and access to frontier science and technology-based education, research, and internships and fostering inclusive, equitable, ethical, and sustainable science and technologies.

Hernandez is currently participating in a summer internship at Bambu Vault. Bambu Vault is a subsidiary of Bambu Global. With a unique blend of expertise in chemistry, physics, and advanced materials science, Bambu Global is disrupting many industries with technologies that are healthy, sustainable, and energy efficient. This internship will involve research and development on a proprietary technology involving stimuli-responsive particles for use in biomedical applications. This technology allows for stimulus triggered therapies that are more safe and effective. The internship will involve particle synthesis and characterization, as well as studying and exploring applications to make safe and nontoxic tattoo ink using organic dyes, reducing the use of toxic heavy metals and chemicals that have long term health effects. 

Hernandez is the second student from UNLV to receive the Station1 Frontiers Fellowship.

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