Published: Brookings Mountain West

Brookings Mountain West is pleased to release a new policy brief from Brookings Senior Fellow in Governance Studies Molly Reynolds titled, "The 2018 Midterms in the Mountain West." In the piece, Reynolds explores how the 116th Congress has begun with a bang, with a protracted government shutdown and promises of aggressive oversight from the new Democratic House majority. To understand how we got to this point—and where we might be going in 2020— she offers a look back at the 2018 elections. As a region, the Mountain West—Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah—provides useful insights into broader national political dynamics across all levels of government, from Congress to state legislatures.

People in the News

UNLV student with engineering building in background
People | May 28, 2020
Engineer’s research on improved flood control for Las Vegas led to a flood of research publications and a bright future.
portrait of woman
People | May 28, 2020
Professor Elena Gandía García created a service-learning class to address the need for medical interpretation services for the Lied Pediatric Clinic and served as a mentor to colleagues.
People | May 28, 2020
UNLV Spanish professor Deborah Arteaga volunteers to provide valuable medical interpretation services to under-served patients.