Presentation: Brianne Heinle, Elizabeth Kahane, Kate Korgan, and Kara Wada

Brianne Heinle, Elizabeth Kahane, Kate Korgan, and Kara Wada (all Graduate College) attended the Western Association of Graduate Schools 63rd annual conference this month.

They facilitated one session and conducted three presentations:

  • Heinle, with Kristen DeBoer (Boise State University), facilitated a session that provided attendees working in graduate school business and operations roles an opportunity to connect and share experiences.
  • Kahane and Korgan presented “Expert Advisory Boards: Creating a Nexus for Professional & Philanthropic Development.” The presentation focused on how the Graduate College has established expert advisory boards that assist the college with workshop content and program design, help fund initiatives, and advise on philanthropic efforts.
  • Korgan, with Julie Coonrod (University of New Mexico) and James Marshall (California State University, Fresno), presented “Getting Involved in WAGS.” The presenters shared experiences, strategies, and information on making a difference in graduate education regionally and nationally.
  • Wada, with Stephanie Beakbane (Kira Talent), presented “From Obstacle to Advantage: Reframing Holistic Admission Requirements,” which reviewed how the Graduate College has worked with graduate programs to incorporate holistic admissions practices into graduate admissions at UNLV. 

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