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Barbara St. Pierre Schneider

Notable: Barbara St. Pierre Schneider

Jun 15, 2017

Barbara St. Pierre Schneider (Nursing) has been selected by the American Physiological Society (APS) to host a Clark County biology teacher in the laboratory for eight weeks during the summer term as part of the organization’s Frontiers in Physiology program. This APS flagship program provides professional development for middle and high school science teachers by:

  • Providing methods and materials that promote the integration of inquiry, equity, and technology into the middle/high school science classroom and into professional development programs
  • Building ongoing working relationships among research scientists and middle/high school teachers through laboratory research, interactive workshops, and online communications
  • Promoting the adoption of standards for K-12 content and pedagogy — especially inquiry, equity, and technology use — by middle and high school science teachers through ongoing in-service activities developed collaboratively by teachers and researchers
  • Increasing teachers' skills in developing, assessing, and utilizing web-based curricular materials and resources, especially in integrating online resources into inquiry-based teaching.

St. Pierre Schneider has provided scientific outreach and laboratory experiences for high school and college students during the past three summers.