Research | August 20, 2019
Battling the bacteria can be especially hard for resort hotels and nursing homes.
Portrait of Eliza Hallman, seated
People | August 19, 2019
This executive assistant says the classified staff are the glue that holds UNLV together.
An apartment complex in Las Vegas
Business and Community | August 16, 2019
Quarterly report from the Lied Institute for Real Estate Studies provides zip code-specific data for apartment market trends throughout Las Vegas.
crowd in front of stage at outdoor concert
Business and Community | August 15, 2019
Readings and events will explore the human experience through topics including race, class, inequality, and resilience.

UNLV Experts In The News

WTIP The Roadhouse
August 20, 2019
Every season offers opportunities to indulge in sweet treats. But what if you’re trying to get healthy by shutting down the sugar in your diet? Dave spoke with Samantha Coogan, an expert in nutrition and dietetics at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, to learn more about the effects of sugar on the body.
Japan Today
August 19, 2019
A year has elapsed since the approval of the law permitting the creation of so-called integrated resorts, which will be Japan's first legal gambling casinos.
August 19, 2019
UNLV Researchers studied the quality of produce you can purchase at discount stores.
5 students hold paper mustaches in front of face
Campus News | August 15, 2019
Back-to-school events to highlight UNLV campus traditions and student involvement.
A man rests his palm on his face in front of a whiteboard with equations
Research | August 15, 2019
Physics professor Michael Pravica's work on useful hard X-ray photochemistry could reveal novel materials — and possibly an explanation for the origin of life on Earth.
Stacey Tovino headshot
People | August 14, 2019
Law professor Stacey Tovino on how the health care industry's challenges will require solutions that transcend disciplines.
briefcase with UNLV School of Medicine paperwork
Campus News | August 14, 2019
A new group of resident physicians recently came on board, just as the school bade farewell to a group who had completed their residencies.
Business and Community | August 13, 2019
UNLV works to dismantle barriers to college-level math success to retain and graduate students.

Recent Accomplishments

August 20, 2019
Christopher Cain (Hospitality) recently was appointed to the Nevada Golf Alliance (NGA) Board of Directors. The organization coordinates the golf industry efforts for the state, supports the efforts of allied associations, and works with funded lobbyists. The NGA recently commissioned an economic impact study of Nevada Golf in which UNLV was...
August 20, 2019
Maurice Finocchiaro (Philosophy) just received some advance copies of his new book, On Trial for Reason: Science, Religion, and Culture in the Galileo Affair, published by Oxford University Press in Britain. This is a “trade book,” aimed at educated laypersons, as well as specialized scholars. Accordingly, it is a summary, synthesis, and...
August 20, 2019
Paula Frew and Laura Randall (both Environmental and Occupational Health) were recently published in AIDS Education and Prevention for research conducted with other researchers. The research focused on Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino men who have sex with men living with HIV and their habits related to HIV antiretroviral treatment (ART...
Woman reads tablet while sitting in chair next to a window

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