Woodwind chamber music opportunities are available for many combinations of wind instruments including wind quintet, saxophone quartet, and clarinet choir (MUSE 190, 490, 690, “Special Ensembles”) as well as flute ensemble (MUSE 143, 443, 643, "Flute Ensemble"). Graduate and undergraduate students register for weekly coachings by woodwind faculty. These ensembles learn the specialized rehearsal and performance techniques related to playing chamber music, and are exposed to a variety of musical styles and forms.

The Morelli Quintet is an honors wind quintet for undergraduates whose members are selected by audition only. Students who maintain the required GPA, receive scholarship money for their participation in the Morelli Quintet. This ensemble was the 2009-2010 winner of the Nevada Music Teachers Association chamber music competition, and represented the state of Nevada in the MTNA chamber music competition held in Honolulu, Hawaii.