The ensemble called the Nextet Chamber Players is made up of advanced performing students, faculty and UNLV alumni. It is the resident ensemble of the College of Fine Arts.

For Score submissions and other inquiries, please contact Dr. Jennifer Bellor,

In addition to premiering new works by our composition students and faculty, the ensemble collaborates and performs works by many visiting composers, who have included:

  • Samuel Adler
  • Paul Chihara
  • Arthur Gottschalk
  • Daron Hagen
  • John Harbison
  • Michael Hersch
  • Ian Krouse
  • Libby Larsen
  • Erica Muhl
  • Marta Ptaszynska
  • Bernard Rands
  • Marc Neikrug
  • Shulamit Ran
  • Augusta Read Thomas
  • Roger Reynolds
  • Joel Sachs
  • Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez
  • Lucy Shelton
  • Steven Stucky
  • Michael Torke
  • Chen Yi
  • Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon

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