Non-Keyboard Instruments

Instruments (non-keyboard) within the school's inventory are available for registered student and faculty use, with priority given to music majors. Non-music majors must provide proof of enrollment in a UNLV music ensemble. The rental inventory includes woodwind, brass, and string instruments for use in instrumental class method courses, ensembles, master classes, and special performances or uses. The instruments are housed in HFA 236 and are administered by the school through the Property Manager, a designated graduate teaching assistant, assigned to the collection.

Special interest instrument (see below) rentals will require a request and approval from faculty related to the proposed use of the instrument.

Checkout Procedures

Non-keyboard instrument inventory checkout forms are available in the instrument inventory office, HFA 236. Complete the checkout form(s) and include payment in cash or check made out to UNLV Board of Regents. Proof of ensemble or private lesson enrollment, UNLV student identification, and a valid drivers license may also be requested upon checkout. This process must be repeated each semester an instrument is issued. Please take a moment to read the fine print of the Instrument Rental Contract. For further questions or concerns contact the Property Manger in HFA 236 at

Dates and Deadlines

Instruments cannot be checked out for an entire year. All university instruments must be checked out EVERY semester. All Fall rentals must be returned or submitted for Spring checkout by the last day of Fall term.After the instrument return deadline, a late fee of $25 per day will be assessed and administrative financial holds will be placed on all delinquent student accounts until payment is rendered. All Spring rentals must be returned by the last day of the Spring term. Failure to return the instrument by this date will result in a late fee of $25 per day and administrative financial holds will be placed on all delinquent student accounts until payment is rendered.

All instruments in the inventory are annually submitted for repair and cleaning during the summer break. Consequently most instruments are not available for issuance during this time. With faculty approval, instruments might be available before instruction begins (e.g., Winter and Summer breaks, etc.). Please check with the instrument inventory graduate teaching assistant for instrument availability at

Usage Fees Per Semester

Flute: $75
Oboe: $90
English horn: $90
Bassoon: $90
Contrabassoon: $125
Clarinet: $90
Bass clarinet: $125
Contra-alto clarinet: $125
Contra-bass clarinet: $125
Alto saxophone: $90
Tenor saxophone: $125
Baritone saxophone: $125
Trumpet (Bb, C, and Eb): $75
Trombone: $75
Horn: $150
Euphonium: $150
Tuba (BBb, C): $125
Violin: $90
Viola: $90
Cello: $150
Double bass: $125

Late Fees

After the instrument return deadline - the last day of final examinations - a late fee of $25 per day will be assessed and administrative financial holds will be placed on all delinquent student accounts until payment is rendered.

Contact Information for Non-keyboard Instrument Inventory Area

The Property Manger assigned to inventory maintains limited weekly office hours. Interested students should schedule an appointment with the Property Manager or visit the instrument inventory office, HFA 236, during posted office hours. Please email for further information.

Instruments of Special Interest

Instruments of special interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Pianos
  • Harpsichord
  • Clavinova
  • Contrabassoon
  • Select models of bass clarinets, contra-alto, and contra-bass clarinets
  • English horn
  • Trumpets in C and Eb
  • Bass trombones
  • C tubas

To use these instruments, students must provide a formal accompanying request from faculty related to the proposed use of the instrument (e.g., those seeking use of the school's harpsichord should solicit assistance from piano area coordinator before proceeding through check-out procedures).


All pianos are regularly tuned and serviced by the UNLV piano technician. During semester breaks, use of school pianos is arranged through the School of Music Office and must occur during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.).

Pianos for Recital Performance Use

Students interested in securing use of pianos for recitals must submit a "piano use" form, which is linked to the Rando Recital Hall Rental agreement. There are three grand pianos in Rando Recital Hall. One is reserved and is available for use via specific authorization from the School of Music Chair or Piano Area Coordinator. Please consult the Piano Use Policy for additional information.

Pianos for Practical Use

HFA practice rooms are equipped with pianos. Some pianos are available on a piano major priority basis and are located in the downstairs practice room area in the HFA building. The School of Music Office administers all practice room use and procedures.