Individual applied lessons with a member of the faculty is integral to the study of music at UNLV. With the approval of the faculty of music, you are required to declare a primary performance medium (principal instrument or voice classification) or a primary and a secondary medium, depending upon the special area of interest selected. You will need to audition in the primary performance medium and qualify for admission to lower-division applied study. If you do not qualify, you will need to enroll in applied music for non-majors each semester until able to pass the audition.

As a music major, you are required to enroll in applied music (private instruction) each semester as required in your degree curriculum.

  • Performance concentration majors enroll for eight semesters.
  • Composition and music education majors enroll for six semesters.
  • Jazz composition majors enroll for four semesters.

Applied lessons in the primary performance medium must be taken in sequence, beginning with lower-division applied music. Applied lessons may not be audited.