Mechanical engineers are problem solvers. They apply the laws of science in order to provide practical solutions to problems. Mechanical engineers deal with the relations among forces, work or energy, and power in designing systems, which will render the achievements of science to the betterment of the human environment. They may work to extract oil from deep within the earth or to send a spacecraft to the moon. The products of their efforts may be automobiles or jet aircraft, power plants or air conditioning systems, large industrial machinery or household can openers. They are involved in programs to better utilize natural resources of energy and materials as well as to lessen the impact of technology on the environment.


It is the mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering to prepare students for the lifelong practice of mechanical engineering and related engineering disciplines. This includes preparation for immediate entry into positions in industry or for further study in graduate school.

In addition, the department sustains an outstanding academic program, motivating the faculty to attain excellence in research by acquiring external funding and by incorporating students into their research programs.

A Broad Discipline

All facets of modern life are directly affected by the work of mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineering involves the planning, design, manufacturing, and operation of devices, machines, and systems. It’s a broad discipline at the forefront of technological advancements in energy conversion, manufacturing, machine design, fluid mechanics, and aerospace systems.

Meeting Society's Demands

Mechanical engineers continue to work toward meeting the demands of an increasingly complex technological society. They work on a variety of new ideas and innovations including: renewable energy, computational and theoretical mechanics automatic control, microfluidics, thermal system design, HVAC, robotics in applications related to:

  • Space technology and aircraft design
  • Orthopedic biomechanics
  • Pollution control
  • Automobile design and combustion engines
  • Autonomous system design
  • Problems of heating and air conditioning