All UNLV students are required to take at least one math course to earn their degree and graduate. Students are mandated by the state of Nevada to be on track to completing that requirement in their first academic year of enrollment. Students at UNLV may be placed into mathematics courses with the following options.

Option 1: ACT/SAT Score Placement

Initial course placement. Scores are only good for two years.

ACT Score SAT Old SAT New Placement
<22 <500 <530 Math 095 Elementary Algebra
<22 <500 <530 Math 096 Intermediate Algebra
22 500 530 Math 120 Fundamentals of College Math
22 500 530 Math 122 Number Concepts Elem Teachers
22 500 530 Math 124 College Algebra
23 520 550 Math 126 Precalculus I
25 560 580 Math 127 Precalculus II
25 560 580 Math 128 Precalculus and Trignometry
24 560 580 Math 132 Finite Mathematics
28 630 650 Math 181 Calculus I

Option 2: Department of Mathematics Placement Exam

The Department of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) offers a placement exam for students. This exam is offered exclusively on-campus through the UNLV math department on specific days and times. Students who wish to retake this exam must wait a minimum of three months.

Option 3: ALEKS Mathematics Placement Assessment

The Mathematics Learning Center (MLC) offers the ALEKS Mathematics Placement Assessment. ALEKS is taken online, anytime, and anywhere at the student’s convenience.

Visit the ALEKS Placement page for more information.