Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is housed in the Central Desert Complex (CDC) near the Lied Library.

Building 7 of the CDC houses graduate assistants and part-time instructors for the department as well as the Math Tutoring Clinic.

Building 8 of the CDC houses the department’s main offices.

Building 9 and Building 10 of the CDC are offices for department faculty.

Center for Applied Mathematics & Statistics

The Center for Applied Mathematics & Statistics is a center of excellence for research and education on mathematics and statistics. The center’s expertise covers many areas involving scientific computing and statistics problems. Its director is professor Jichun Li.

Center for Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Science (CAOS)

CAOS prepares students for careers in atmospheric and oceanic sciences and fields related to applied atmospheric and oceanic sciences. The center provides a platform for all interested and qualified faculty of the College of Sciences to start new research, nurture and sustain existing research, and participate in all atmospheric and oceanic activities supported by the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, and NASA. Its director is professor Dieudonne Phanord.

Distributed Computing Laboratory

The department has a supercomputer lab available to faculty and qualified students. The lab is equipped with various machines, including a Sun V880. This lab is used for intensive computational tasks, including the study of atmospheric phenomenon by the Center for Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences.