In the College of Liberal Arts, we are always excited for the time of the semester when we open the call for University Forum speakers. We are looking for presenters who will inform, inspire, and captivate our students, faculty, and community. If you know of someone who would be a great contribution to our long list of remarkable speakers, or if that someone is you, we want to hear all about it!

To receive a Lecture Proposal or University Forum Guest Speaker form, please contact the College of Liberal Arts Business Manager at 702-895-3401 or


  • Spring Semester – November 1st
  • Fall Semester – April 1st

The committee welcomes proposals at any time and will consider them for future lectures.

More Information

The content of your talk can address any topic that you think would be of interest to a community audience. Modes of presentation range from traditional lectures to PowerPoint presentations, recitals, and readings. The average size for a University Forum audience is about 75 people, and lectures typically take place in the auditorium of the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art, during the evening of a weekday for one hour. Other accommodations can be arranged if needed. Previous lectures can be located below. 

For guest speakers, a budget proposal is required in addition to the application. The University Forum will fund up to $800 for travel costs (transportation, lodging, and meals) and a modest honorarium for each guest speaker. If the speaker’s expenses are more than what the University Forum can provide, we highly encourage other sources of funding. Although not a requirement, most budget proposals do include a match of at least 20% from sources such as the nominator’s academic departments, other campus units, and/or an off-campus organization. Proposals providing some commitment of funds from sources other than the University Forum will be given priority.

Faculty from all departments/units are encouraged to apply. The University Forum is dedicated to supporting a wide scope of interests that cross academic disciplines. If you choose to self-nominate, a budget proposal is not needed. We will continue our policy of awarding a $200 stipend to any UNLV faculty member for their participation in the University Forum lecture series. Please note that guest speaker will have to register as an NSHE supplier, and complete a W-9 or W-8 (if international).

It is recommended for guest speakers to make his/her own travel arrangements; however, departments are able to prepay certain travel expenses if necessary. Vehicle rental and arrangements are the sole responsibility of the traveler. If meals are included in your proposal, the daily allowance is $45. Lodging may not exceed $150/night for stays during Sunday – Thursday, and $175/night for stays during Friday-Saturday. If rates exceed these amounts, proper approval must be obtained by the President, Provost, Dean, or Director.

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