UNLV logos and marks are available below. For information and guidelines concerning use of the UNLV logo or to inquire about other high-resolution images for use in print, contact Reprographics/Design Services at 702-895-3213.

Official UNLV Logo

Official UNLV logo in scarlet

Download Scarlet:

Official UNLV logo in black

Download Black:

Official UNLV logo with white text and black background

Download Reverse:

Academic Unit Signatures

UNLV Engineering logo in color

Scarlet and black

UNLV College of Engineering signature with black text on white background

One color on light colored background

UNLV College of Engineering signature with white text on dark background

One color on dark colored background

Curved Spirit Logo

Curved UNLV logo in color

Download Color:

Curved UNLV logo in black and white

Download B&W: