Official Colors

Part of the UNLV brand is our colors. The UNLV scarlet and gray are displayed prominently on our marketing materials, our campus, and within our athletic programs. We are not just UNLV, we are scarlet and gray.

Primary Color Palette


Our most widely used color is UNLV scarlet. It can stand alone in any marketing application for any audience. The broad definition of scarlet is “a brilliant red color with a tinge of orange.” It is associated with concepts like courage and passion. It is bold, proud, and rebellious. It stands out in a crowd, quickens the pulse, and causes an emotional reaction when viewed. At UNLV, scarlet speaks to our passion for life, action, and, of course, rebellion. We display it proudly and use it to support and accelerate our communications and marketing.


Our UNLV gray is best used as an accent color rather than as the dominant color in a design.

Dark accent

An alternate, dark accent version of both the scarlet and the gray provide added dimension and depth when designing visuals. This darker accent version is not to be used in place of the primary scarlet.

UNLV Scarlet
UNLV Scarlet Dark
A color palette with scarlet red on the left and scarlet dark red on the right.

Pantone 186 | CMYK: 0,100,81,4
RGB: 227,24,55 | HEX: #E31837

Pantone 484 | CMYK: 25,91,98,20
RGB: 160,49,35 | HEX: #A03123

An example palette of UNLV Gray
An example palette of UNLV Gray Dark
An example palette of UNLV Rich Black

Pantone 423 | CMYK: 0,0,0,44
RGB: 159,161,164 | HEX: #9FA1A4

Pantone 431 | CMYK: 11,1,0,64
RGB: 106,115,123 | HEX: #6A737B

CMYK: 60,40,40,100
RGB: 0,0,0 | HEX: #000000

Secondary Color Palette: Muted & Neutrals

A set of secondary colors have been created that serve to complement the primaries and to assist designers with color decisions. This palette is meant only to complement the primary palette, which should always be the dominant set of colors in any design representing the university as a whole or the major programs and offerings of the university.

An example palette of UNLV Scarlet Muted
An example palette of UNLV Gray Muted
An example palette of UNLV Warm Gray

Pantone 7419 | CMYK: 30,69,49,8
RGB: 170,99,105 | HEX: #AA6369

Pantone 644 | CMYK: 39,20,7,0
RGB: 155,182,210 | HEX: #9BB6D2

Pantone Warm Gray 3 | CMYK: 25,24,28,0
RGB: 193,183,175 | HEX: #C1B7AF