Why an Identity System

Research confirms that a clear and consistent visual identity helps build and maintain reputation. Regularly reinforced graphic symbols can convey and reinforce the strengths of an institution.

A strong visual identity can enhance UNLV’s ability to recruit outstanding students, faculty, and staff; to engage alumni; and to attract external support. To take better advantage of this potential, the university has developed a visual identity system that effectively links our campuses, colleges, schools, other academic units, and administrative offices with the name “UNLV”—a strong asset that we all share.

Every member of the university community plays an important role in bringing this cohesive identity to life and in maintaining its integrity by applying it consistently throughout all university communications, including in print, web, display, broadcast, and electronic formats.

Visual Identity Policy

This visual identity website provides the UNLV community with specific guidelines and standards for the implementation of university’s visual identity system in all forms of UNLV communication.

These guidelines were developed with design professionals and university stakeholders.