Housing Calendar

Additional Resources

Guide to Community Living

Residents of campus housing can find helpful tips and applicable policies in the Guide to Community Living. Students are encouraged to review the Guide carefully prior to move-in.

Disability Resource Center Accommodation

Students whose disability requires them to have housing and/or meal plan accommodations should register with the Disability Resource Center. Accommodations will be made whenever possible; however, there is no guarantee that the university will be able to meet every accommodation request since existing facilities may not support the accommodation.


Do you want to know more about how your student is doing at UNLV? Need information about his or her housing account balances? Housing & Residential Life encourages students to keep in touch with their families and friends while they experience living independently.

Due to the Family Education Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, UNLV cannot disclose student records to anyone without the student’s permission, including parents and legal guardians.

To allow someone other than the student to discuss the student’s account with Housing & Residential Life, the students must complete and submit a Permission to Release Information Form to the Office of Housing & Residential Life. This form allows a third party to obtain information only. All decisions about meal plans, contract changes, or other special requests must still be communicated directly by the student to Housing & Residential Life. All Housing & Residential Life account statements and other correspondence will be emailed to the student’s RebelMail account.