The mission of The Honors College is to provide for its students exceptional educational opportunities, available in the context of a dynamic community of learners — faculty and students alike — exemplifying a shared commitment to academic excellence and personal intellectual growth. The College provides traditional coursework, laboratories, studio and field experiences, intensive seminars and research opportunities, in a curricular array appropriate for students from their first day of university classes through graduation. The Honors College and its programs serve as exemplars of rigor, creativity, faculty-student engagement, dedication to academic integrity and community inclusiveness.

The goals of The Honors College are to:

  • Provide the finest educational opportunities possible for university students of high academic aspirations.
  • Bring together the most accomplished faculty scholars and most receptive and talented students in a synergy of advanced learning.
  • Support the realization of holistic and global education, in which traditional academic and creative accomplishments are coupled with personal growth and a devotion to life-long learning on a world-wide palette.
  • Foster the development and confirmation of talents, skills and experiences that will promote opportunities for successful post-graduate education and/or the fulfillment of professional careers, and,
  • Grow the proportion of UNLV undergraduate students engaged in Honors education to the benefit of our students, the faculty, the institution and, ultimately, the larger community and nation.