Pre-Professional Advising

Pre-Health Advising

As an Honors College student, you may be considering a career in medicine. Graduates of the college have historically been successful in pre-medical studies and in applying for medical schools. Many current and former clinical practitioners laid the foundation for their careers in the Honors College. You'll not only find them in private practice, but among the Honors College faculty — teaching Honors classes and advising students in pursuit of medical careers.

The College of Sciences has a designated pre-health adviser to assist students preparing to apply for professional school. If your academic interests could lead to higher education in the health profession, you are encouraged to arrange an advising meeting during your freshman year. For advice, contact the Honors College office or arrange a meeting with Dr. Nika directly.

Dr. Joseph Nika
Pre-Health advisor
College of Sciences
[email protected]
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Pre-Law Advising

The American Bar Association suggests that majors in fields as diverse as history, English, philosophy, political science, economics, business, art, music theory, computer science, engineering, nursing, and education do well in law school and in their careers as lawyers; UNLV's Boyd School of Law prides itself on the diversity of its graduates, which includes majors in several nontraditional fields.

We generally advise you to choose a major that allows for personal and professional exploration in a topic that interests you and is something in which you can achieve academic and personal successes. Focus on appropriate preparatory work, including courses in critical thinking, writing, and communication skills, which will help you prepare for the Law School Admissions Test and LSAT.

For more information, please contact:

Wilson Advising Center
Office: WRI - B131
[email protected]
Go to Pre-Law website for a timeline, podcast, and FAQs about Law School.