Dean's Office

Kathryn Hausbeck Korgan, Ph.D.

Vice Provost for Graduate Education & Dean of the Graduate College
Office: FDH 707
Mail Code: 1099
Phone: 702-895-5950

Leslie Hunter

Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost & Dean
Office: GTW 213
Phone: 702-895-0446

Nikolina Pender

Director of Data Analysis & Assessment
Office: GTW 216
Phone: 702-895-0219

Academic Affairs

Emily Lin, Ph.D.

Associate Dean
Office: GTW 212
Mail Code: 1017
Phone: 702-895-1039

Student Services

Valarie Burke, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Services
Office: GTW 211
Mail Code: 1017
Phone: 702-895-5773

Nevena Cvijetic

Executive Director of Leadership, Professional, and Career Development
Office: GTW 209
Phone: 702-895-2744

Marlena Gatlin

Event and Program Manager
Office: GTW 210
Phone: 702-895-2319

Jessica Soria

Instructional Technologist & Content Developer
Office: GTW 223
Phone: 702-895-5980

Infrastructure Services

Graduate Financial Services

Brianne Heinle

Executive Director of Graduate Financial Services​ & Business Operations
Office: GTW 275
Phone: 702-895-4273

Ashlyn Gray

Associate Director of Graduate Financial Services
Office: GTW 205
Mail Code: 1017
Phone: 702-895-3970

Cathy "CC" Dyer

GA Program Coordinator
Office: GTW 200
Phone: 702-895-4273

Systems & Data

Janine Holsapple

Executive Director of Graduate Systems and Operations
Office: GTW 216
Phone: 702-895-3346

Payam Ezatpoor

Systems & Data Analyst
Office: GTW 224
Phone: 702-895-1255


No employees found. Please check back soon.

Communications & Marketing

Vaneh Darakjian

Director of Communications & Marketing
Office: GTW 217
Phone: 702-895-1698

Enrollment Management

Kara Wada

Assistant Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Management
Office: GTW 215
Phone: 702-895-3320

Welcome Center

Cristina Correa

Administrative Assistant
Office: GTW 200
Phone: 702-895-0411

Recruitment & Admissions

Elizabeth Jost

Associate Director of Admissions
Office: GTW 202
Phone: 702-895-3367

Lori Filippo

Assistant Director of Recruitment and Admissions
Office: GTW 200
Phone: 702-895-3367

Matthew Montalto

Admissions Analyst
Office: GTW 200
Phone: 702-895-3367

Retention, Progression, Completion

Tracy Johnson, M.A.

Associate Director of Retention, Progression, and Completion
Office: GTW 204
Mail Code: 1017
Phone: 702-895-4836

Lucas Graff

RPC Coordinator
Office: GTW 200
Phone: 702-895-2702

Carlena Pablo

Admissions & Records Evaluator
Office: GTW 200
Phone: 702-895-2702

Megan Wilson

Retention, Progression, & Completion Coordinator
Office: GTW 200
Phone: 702-895-2702

Graduate & Professional Student Association

Virginia Smercina

GPSA Manager & Advisor
Office: LLB 2141
Phone: 702-895-2315