What is the Regional Professional Development Program (RPDP)?

RPDP was established to offer professional development focused on the content teachers teach, how they teach it, student performance and changes in instructional strategies that result in increased student achievement. For more information, visit the RPDP website.

What are the steps necessary to take RPDP courses at UNLV?
  • Apply Online - Complete the Graduate College application for admission.
    1. Important Note: On the "Non-Degree Information" page of the application for admission under the "Enrollment Reasons" section, select "I am part of the Nevada Regional Professional Development Program (RPDP)."
    2. After your application fee goes through (takes up to 24 hours), the application will load into the UNLV student information system (MyUNLV).
  • When your application has loaded, the Graduate College will be able to see your application and can begin processing.
    1. The Graduate College will contact the Southern Nevada RPDP office to verify that you are eligible to take RPDP courses.
    2. Once verification is received, the Graduate College will process your application for admission.
  • Nightly, the MyUNLV system runs a security process to grant enrollment permission to any students whose applications were processed that day.
  • You will receive emails with your student ID (NSHE ID) and password, so that you can log into your MyUNLV account.
  • Additionally, you will receive an email from the UNLV Graduate College once your application has been processed. After you receive this email, you can log into your MyUNLV account to register for courses.
How long will it take for my application to be processed so that I can register for RPDP courses?

Due to the steps outlined above, it can take up to one week for the application to be processed.

Applying Online

How do I apply to become a non-degree-seeking RPDP student?

You will need to complete the Grad Rebel Gateway application and pay the non-refundable application fee. For more instructions, visit the RPDP website.

What do I do if I don't have a User Name or Password?

You will need to click on the "new user" button on the login screen of the Grad Rebel Gateway.

What do I do if I forgot to indicate that I'm an RPDP student on the application?

Call or email the Graduate College at 702-895-3320 or gradcollege@unlv.edu.

Registering for Classes

Where do I go to register for classes?

You will need to log into your MyUNLV account and navigate to your Student Center.

What do I do if I don't receive my NSHE ID and MyUNLV password?

You should have received emails with your NSHE ID and password the day after you submitted and paid for your application. Please check the email address you used to create your application account. If you did not receive the emails, please call the Graduate College front office at 702-895-3320. The front office staff will provide you with your NSHE ID after verifying your identity.

What do I do if I've forgotten my MyUNLV password?

Contact the UNLV Office of Information Technology (OIT) at 702-895-0777.

What if I can't find the course that I want to take when I log into MyUNLV?

RPDP courses are not searchable by prefix or number. Class numbers are restricted. You must contact or visit the RPDP website for the class numbers of the courses you wish to take.

How can I find out what courses are being offered?

Visit the RPDP website or contact RPDP at 702-799-3835.

May I use RPDP courses toward a degree?

Courses with the prefix "RPDP" are non-degree-seeking courses and are not eligible for use toward a degree. There are a limited number of courses offered through RPDP with an "SCI" or "CITR" prefix. These courses may be used toward a degree with proper approval. For more information on courses eligible for use toward a graduate degree at UNLV, contact the Department of Teaching & Learning at cigrad@unlv.edu or 702-895-1540.

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