A recent report on graduate writing at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas illuminated a number of challenges that UNLV graduate students face in their graduate writing processes. Among the top of these challenges is finding and scheduling time to write. Furthermore, the majority of respondents indicated that graduate students would benefit from help in writing papers/theses/dissertations, in developing strong writing skills, being provided with writing support and resources, and having a forum for sharing research and/or writing. The UNLV Graduate College, in partnership with UNLV Libraries and Writing Center has created this page to help meet the writing needs of our graduate students.

UNLV Libraries

UNLV Libraries Research Consultation Service

Spend time one-on-one with a librarian with expertise in your discipline. A subject liaison librarian can help with your special research needs. Schedule an appointment for the research consultation service.

UNLV Writing Groups and Programs

UNLV Student Academic Authors Association

Are you a student interested in improving your academic writing? Do you have great ideas, but need some guidance on how or where to get published? Want to connect with other student writers? Then please join us at UNLV Student Academic Authors Association meetings. Our mission is to support student authors with increased production and continuous improvement of scholarly writing.

Grad Rebel Writing Boot Camp

Do you need help jumpstarting a thesis/ dissertation proposal, thesis, dissertation, professional paper, or publication? Are you stuck on how to create an outline? Are you interested in learning about how to avoid plagiarism, how to build the literature review, and what resources are available to help you format your citations? Would you like to become better at time management and meeting goals/ deadlines that you set for yourself? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then we invite you to apply for the Grad Rebel Writing Boot Camp, which holds sessions in August and January. The Grad Rebel Writing Boot Camp is a week-long program that provides graduate students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become more efficient and successful writers. It also provides students with the opportunity to learn about the different types of writing groups as well as how to successfully start and maintain their own writing group. The program is a collaborative effort between the Graduate College, UNLV Libraries, and UNLV Writing Center. For additional information, please see the Grad Rebel Writing Boot Camp webpage.

UNLV Writing and Research Workshops

UNLV Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Format and Submission Guidelines

UNLV Writing Center