Can I use credits I earn as part of a certificate program toward another program?

Credits earned to fulfill requirements for a certificate may be used toward a subsequent graduate degree at UNLV with appropriate grades and approval of the graduate degree program and the Graduate College. Typically, certificate course credits earned before your graduate or professional degree, or simultaneously, may be approved to be used toward your graduate degree program. Students enrolled in a graduate or professional degree may still be awarded certificates as long as the certificate course credits were taken prior to the completion of the graduate or professional degree. So, certificates are a great way to take some classes, earn a credential, and confirm that you like an area of study before enrolling in the full graduate program. Credits earned to fulfill requirements for a UNLV certificate may also be used simultaneously or toward a subsequent certificate(s) with appropriate grades and approval of the graduate certificate program, the department, and the Graduate College. Approval is not guaranteed. The age of the transfer work under consideration may also be a factor in the decision as to whether or not the coursework is applicable. Please see the Grad Catalog for specific certificate requirements.

Can I be enrolled in a degree program and a certificate program concurrently?

Yes! Students may be admitted to and progress through a degree program and a certificate program concurrently. This is like adding a graduate minor, or extra area of specialization.

How do I apply for a certificate program?

Certificate-seeking applicants apply the same way as degree-seeking applicants. Applications are available through the Grad Rebel Gateway. For more information about the admissions process, visit the Future Students page or reach out to us at or 702-895-3367.

Am I eligible for financial aid if I enroll in a certificate program?

Some certificate programs have been approved by the U.S. Department of Education for Title IV, HEA program funding. This means students pursuing these programs may be eligible to receive federal financial aid while enrolled in the indicated certificate programs. Refer to the Financial Aid & Scholarships page for more information on eligible programs.

If you are a student in another related graduate program and you are simultaneously enrolled in a certificate program, the classes you take for the certificate count may be used toward your degree and therefore may be financial aid eligible.

Can I have a graduate assistantship if I am enrolled in a certificate program?

Students enrolled in solely a graduate certificate are not eligible for a graduate assistantship. Students in both a graduate program and a certificate program are eligible to apply for and hold a GA position.

Am I eligible for a student visa if I enroll in a certificate program?

Certificate-seeking students are not eligible for an F-1 student visa, unless you are simultaneously enrolled in a standard graduate program.

How do I receive my certificate once I have completed the program?

Certificate-seeking students apply for the awarding of the certificate in MyUNLV up to two semesters prior to the intended semester of completion. A $125 fee will be placed on your student account (one fee per degree/certificate) beginning the first day of registration for the semester in which you have applied to complete your certificate; or, if registration has already opened, your fee will be applied within two business days. Once you have applied to graduate and completed your certificate requirements, we will post the certificate on your UNLV transcript and an actual certificate will be sent to you approximately 60-90 days thereafter.

Can I participate in Commencement when I earn my certificate?

As of Spring 2022, students completing graduate certificates are eligible to participate in UNLV Commencement. For more information, please refer to the UNLV Commencement website.

I have already earned a graduate degree at UNLV and have met the certificate requirements. Can I receive the certificate retroactively?
We’re sorry, but you may not retroactively earn a certificate after you have earned a graduate degree at UNLV. You either need to complete the certificate first, or earn it concurrently with your degree.