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Graduate Certificates

Earn a Certificate and Boost Your Career

Have a bachelor’s degree and interested in adding some professional skills, expertise, or specialization? A graduate certificate is a great opportunity to further your education and advance your career. It can also be a stepping stone into a future graduate degree!

Earn a Certificate as a Stepping Stone to a Graduate Degree

Save time and money! Certificate course credits earned before your graduate or professional degree, or simultaneously, may be approved to be used toward your graduate degree program.

Graduate Students, Add a Certificate as a Grad Minor or Specialization

If you’re currently enrolled in a graduate or professional program, add to your credentials by supplementing your degree with a graduate certificate. Graduate certificates are like grad minors —they allow you to show specialized skills and expertise.

Certificate programs are a great option for students looking to learn about, and gain experience in, a specialized area. They help build skills, develop focused areas of expertise, and enhance resumes and vitas. Peruse our ever-growing list of graduate certificates to see if one is right for you!

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