Funding Opportunities & Resources

The GPSA has $170,000 budgeted for graduate and professional student conference travel and research during the 2019–2020 academic year.

Graduate and Professional Student & Faculty Awards

The GPSA recognizes students and faculty from across disciplines and classifications for their contributions to the development and continuing growth of UNLV. Deadline for nominations is December 10th.

Travel & Research Sponsorship

Apply for funding to support your graduate and professional scholarly activities, i.e. conference travel, research materials, competitions, etc. Deadlines are June 15th (Fall), September 15th (Winter), November 15th (Spring), and March 15th (Summer).

GPSA Book Scholarships

Program Overview: The GPSA Book Scholarship program is designed to offer financial assistance to graduate and professional students purchasing textbooks for the upcoming semester. Scholarships are awarded in the amount of $150.00 each. Deadlines: October 30th (Spring) and April 30th (Fall).

Cap & Gown Lending Program

The Cap and Gown Lending program supports students interested in participating in graduation activities. The program is administered on a first-come-first-served basis provided that the requested size and materials are available. Deadlines: November 15th for Fall Commencement and April 15th for Spring Commencement.

Student Researcher Award Program

The Student Researcher Award Program supports research projects of students who are in a research-based degree program. The program will assist students to purchase research materials, present their work at national/international conferences, and will support completion of requirements for their degree program. Deadline: July 15th.