Under the direction of the Executive Board and the GPSA Manager and Advisor, the GPSA operates through several autonomous and semi-independent divisions or offices. These subsidiary administrative units support varying functions of the GPSA including activities and social events, lobbying trips, programming, messaging, academic/research collaborations, and elections.

Each division is granted an annual budget set forth by the Ways & Means Committee. Divisions provide a higher level of organization, creating a more efficient and productive graduate student government.

Each division is staffed by UNLV graduate and professional students, offering ample leadership opportunities within the GPSA.


  • Operations
  • Legislative Affairs
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Engagement & Outreach
  • Office of Sponsored Funding

Division leaders make up the five members of the President’s Cabinet and provide counsel to the President. The Operations team is led by the Chief of Staff, the Office of Sponsored Funding is led by the GPSA Vice President, and the Divisions of Engagement & Outreach, Communications & Marketing, and Legislative Affairs are overseen by Directors nominated by the GPSA President and confirmed by the GPSA Council.

Division Directors receive a $2,000 scholarship ($1,000 per semester). To be a Division Director and member of the President's Cabinet, apply through the GPSA President's Cabinet Application.

Director of Engagement & Outreach

This division is responsible for developing, managing, and executing event programming, collaborations, and fundraisers that encourage philanthropy, alumni and community engagement, and support of the graduate and professional student body. Two staple events will be organized through this unit: Rebel Homecoming in the fall semester and the Annual Research Forum in the spring semester. The director of this division will be appointed by the President and confirmed by the GPSA Council.

The Director of Engagement & Outreach:

  • Represents the organization and its interests
  • Works with staff, volunteers, members and other cross-organization teams to achieve the organization’s community engagement goals
  • Establishes a presence for the organization in targeted communities by engaging multicultural audiences, developing community partnerships, building volunteer capacity, and designing and executing engaging community programs and events
  • Establishes strategic community partnerships and leverages internal/external resources to raise the visibility of the organization within communities
  • Recruits, trains, develops, and deploys volunteers in accordance with organizational goals
  • Aligns volunteers’ interests with organizational priorities

Director of Communications & Marketing

The Communications and Marketing team is responsible for GPSA’s key message development and dissemination. This division promotes the GPSA’s agenda, ensures information and details are consistent across units, writes copy, prepares data for the President, and leads the GPSA’s media campaigns. All units of GPSA process their campus or community-wide communications through this division. The director of this division is appointed by the President and confirmed by the GPSA Council.

The Director of Communications & Marketing:

  • Represents the organization and its interests
  • Collaborates with internal/external partners on advocacy and communication strategy development
  • Promotes GPSA services and events via various communication mediums
  • Produces surveys, reports, and convenes public meetings to disseminate findings and advance solutions through relevant communication channels
  • Ensures GPSA's brand exemplifies the organization's mission and connects with the values of graduate and professional students

Director of Legislative Affairs

Legislative Affairs prioritizes GPSA initiatives, resolutions, memoranda of understanding with other campus units, and government relations. This division will be actively involved in communications with the Board of Regents and the Nevada State Legislature. Legislative Affairs devises and executes strategies to achieve GPSA’s goals and objectives. The director of this division will be appointed by the President and confirmed by the GPSA Council. The Director of Legislative Affairs:

  • Represents the organization and its interests
  • Serves as a subject matter expert on the organization’s issues
  • Serves as GPSA's legislative advocate
  • Assists in the development, implementation, and execution of GPSA's advocacy priorities
  • Leads efforts to build and expand coalitions with other organizations on advocacy topics impacting the GPSA and its members
  • Provides leadership for the coordination of GPSA political actions, including planning, coordinating, and participating in various fundraising activities, lobbying trips, and events (in cooperation with the Division of Engagement and Outreach)
  • Engages in efforts to advance the vision and mission of GPSA