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GPSA Executive Board

Portrait of Nicole Thomas

GPSA President

Nicole Thomas

GPSA President, Nicole Thomas, is a third-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Educational Psychology & Higher Education. She received both her B.S. in Biology and M.S. in Curriculum & Instruction from UNLV, and her current work focuses on student motivation and misinformation prevalent throughout science. Her academic accomplishments include three peer-reviewed publications and over 18 conference presentations, and she is a current NV NASA Space Grant Fellow. In her GPSA tenure, Nicole has served as President for two consecutive terms (2021-2023) and as Secretary in 2020-2021. Her advocacy has significantly influenced policies, including a substantial $20 million increase in Graduate Assistant stipends, sanctioned by Nevada’s Governor and State Legislature. A notable highlight was organizing the largest student-based lobbying trip to Carson City in UNLV history in spring 2023 along with GPSA Manager, Nia Smercina, advocating for graduate student and community needs. Her goals as GPSA President include increasing GA stipends and benefits, establishing exclusive graduate student and family housing, expanding support for local and international students, enhancing childcare access, and fostering a strong graduate community through social events. On a more personal level, she enjoys watching horror movies, listening to good music, and caring for her modest collection of reptiles and spiders.

Portrait of Evan Falkenthal

GPSA Vice President

Evan Falkenthal

GPSA VP, Evan Falkenthal, is a doctoral student in Learning Sciences at UNLV, holds an MS in Higher Education Counseling, and a BA in English Literature from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. With over a decade dedicated to higher education, he aspires to be tenured faculty, combining his diverse experiences in poetry, counseling, data science, and research. This varied background enables him to effectively communicate across disciplines, an essential trait for his role. Experienced in publishing and conference presentations, Evan offers valuable insights to graduate students navigating these arenas. His proficiency in data management further equips him to handle complex academic challenges. Outside academia, Evan enjoys a quiet life, indulging in painting, gaming, and hiking at Red Rock with his dog. A regular at the dog park, he values meaningful conversations with fellow dog owners. Deeply committed to the UNLV community, Evan is always ready to listen and assist others. His blend of academic prowess and genuine concern for student welfare positions him as a significant contributor to the university's growth and student success.

Portrait of Teresa Marie

GPSA Treasurer

Teresa Marie

GPSA Treasurer, Teresa Marie, is a second year PhD student in Criminology under the guidance of Dr. Alexis Kennedy. She is a first generation college student and a Philip J. Cohen Scholar Alumni. After earning her BA in Criminal Justice from UNLV in 2016, she pursued a Juris Doctor from the University of Massachusetts School of Law (2020) and a concurrent Master of Public Policy from UMass - Dartmouth (2021). Teresa's research centers on juvenile justice issues, demonstrating her commitment to social justice and policy reform. Her leadership journey includes significant roles in various student organizations. As an undergraduate, Teresa was instrumental in establishing the Tri-Sigma Theta Epsilon chapter at UNLV. In law school, she was the Dean (President) of the Delta Theta Phi International Legal Fraternity, achieving record initiations and fundraising success. As Treasurer, Teresa aims to improve financial transparency and accessibility for students at UNLV. She intends to leverage social media and interactive workshops to educate students about funding opportunities and processes, ensuring they are well-informed and supported. Teresa's commitment to student advocacy and her multifaceted leadership experience make her a valuable asset to the GPSA and the broader university community. As an active community member on UNLV's campus, you can catch Teresa at UNLV athletic events in her big red hat. In her free time, Teresa enjoys hiking, camping, photography, and hanging out at the annual Pirate Fest and Age of Chivalry Ren Faire.

Portrait of Aliciah Carr

GPSA Secretary

Aliciah Carr

GPSA Secretary, Aliciah Carr, is a third-year anthropology graduate student at UNLV, hails from New York where she double majored in anthropology and psychology at SUNY Oswego. Now in Las Vegas, Aliciah not only delves into her anthropology studies but also explores environmental public health, reflecting her broad academic interests. At UNLV, Aliciah has been a dynamic presence, working at the Graduate Commons for three years, participating in GPSA activities, including the spring 2023 lobbying trip to Carson City, and enhancing the GPSA President's Cabinet through her social media expertise. She also serves as an officer in the AnthroSociety. Emboldened by her experiences and understanding of the challenges facing UNLV's graduate students, Aliciah aspires to effect change. Emboldened by her experiences and understanding of the challenges facing UNLV's graduate students, Aliciah aspires to effect change as the GPSA Secretary. She is particularly focused on advocating for better financial, mental, and physical support for students. Inspired by recent advancements in areas such as GA stipends, benefits, housing, and mental health care, Aliciah is committed to continuing this momentum. Her unique mix of academic diversity and a deep commitment to student welfare makes her a dedicated advocate for progress within the UNLV community.