GPSA Executive Board

GPSA President

Stephanie Molina

GPSA President Stephanie Molina is a doctoral student in the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences program within the Department of Health Physics & Diagnostic Sciences under the direction of Dr. Steen Madsen. By applying her interdisciplinary background (B.S. in Health Physics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology; UNLV), she is investigating the development of a cell-based drug delivery approach for the treatment of cancers by photochemical internalization, a photonic technique. Her goal is that studying the in vitro efficacy of drug-carrying delivery vehicles will translate to an effective treatment protocol for diffuse brain tumors. As a member of the GPSA Executive Board, Stephanie hopes to expand graduate student services and continue to encourage collaboration between departments for research, scholarly, and creative activities as the university moves forward with top-tier initiatives.

GPSA Vice President

Kristyne Wiegand

GPSA Vice President Kristyne Wiegand is a Ph.D. student and Top Tier Graduate Research Assistant specializing in biomechanics in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences. She has been a UNLV graduate student since 2013, finishing her Master's degree in 2015 with Dr. Janet Dufek, and is now completing her Ph.D. with Dr. Julia Freedman Silvernail. Kristyne has taught Sports Injury Management and Kinesiology courses. Kristyne's research focuses on the etiology and mechanics of running injuries. She has been a part of the GPSA council since she began her graduate studies. 




GPSA Treasurer

Eric Noonan

GPSA Treasurer Eric Noonan is working on his Ph.D. in the Department of Education, under the Department of Teaching and Learning. While at the same time he is also working on his Masters in the Department of Hospitality, under the Department of Food and Beverage. His research interests range from Human Resources and fraternization to what the Greenhouse Effects on Vineyards are, to a comparison study between the American Education system and the European Educational system with a focus on Hospitality and how linguist affect the education of the students, if at all. He has been a member of the GPSA for the past two years and the representative for his department for the past year. He is looking forward to assisting the GPSA to grow and improve. 


GPSA Secretary

Rafael Oganesyan

GPSA Secretary Rafael Oganesyan is a doctoral candidate at the department of political science. His research interest includes economics and elections, voter behavior, and post-Soviet politics. Rafael obtained his undergraduate degrees in economics (2008) and political science (2010). In 2014, he obtained his master of arts in political science with a concentration on voter behavior in the developing world. Rafael has been part of GPSA since 2014 and has served on numerous committees, including sponsorship, awards, and the school of nursing dean search committee.