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This webpage will be in constant revision as the GPSA begins preparations for the 79th Legislative Session (2017).

In support of UNLV’s "Path to Top Tier", it is imperative that graduate and professional students stay actively involved in communicating with NV Legislators why increasing state funding in support of higher education is crucial to the diversified growth of Nevada’s economy and the betterment of the state’s community members.

Any suggestions, comments, etc. you have how to strengthen our position should be directed to the GPSA Treasurer and Chair of Government Relations Committee Kimberly Florence.

GPSA/CSUN Lobby 101 Training Workshop

Please join the GPSA and CSUN as we prepare for the 79th Legislative Session in Carson City. We will be conducting a Lobby 101 training workshop Thursday, December 8, 2016 from 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Stan Fulton Ballroom A. Lunch will be provided. If you plan to attend the UNLV Lobby Day in Carson City (scheduled for April 2017) attendance at this training workshop is mandatory. More information is available on this flyer. This workshop will focus on these areas:

Lobby 101 – General Overview

  • How to Effectively Interact with State Legislators
  • How to Conduct a Meeting with a State Legislator
  • State Legislature - Student Testimonies

Come prepared to the workshop!

  • Why is higher education important?
  • Why is my research important?
  • How does my research impact the community

Please Register to Attend

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Spring 2016 Legislative Popcorn Sessions

These information 10 minute sessions were be held and/or videotaped during the Spring 2016 GPSA Council Meetings. These sessions were been designed to inform graduate and professional students how to best navigate the NV State Legislature to achieve positive outcomes.