Graduate and professional students enrolled at UNLV have automatic membership with their graduate student government, the Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA). Opportunities within GPSA are numerous and varied ranging from volunteering at Rebel Homecoming to running for an executive officer position. Find out more about ways to get involved through the areas below.

If you have an active interest to be more involved with GPSA, please fill out this GPSA Interest Form.


Throughout the year the GPSA plans and participates in local and campus-wide events. In the past, GPSA members have volunteered at soup kitchens, rebuilt trails in Southern Nevada, attended lobbying trips to Carson City and Washington D.C., or ran the GPSA’s Rebel Homecoming booth. For current volunteer opportunities please contact the GPSA Secretary at, or

Events & Collaborations

The GPSA fervently seeks opportunities to work with other organizations and expand its networking and opportunities. The GPSA offers Graduate Registered Student Organizations (GRSOs) funding to grow their organizations and plan events in collaboration with the GPSA. The GPSA also offers several workshops each semester, many in conjunction with the UNLV Graduate College. To see our upcoming events on UNLV’s Calendar, visit the GPSA Home page under What’s Happening.


Under the direction of the Executive Board and the GPSA Manager and Advisor, the GPSA operates through several autonomous and semi-independent divisions or offices. The GPSA Divisions are Operations, Engagement & Outreach, Communications & Marketing, Legislative Affairs, and Sponsored Funding. The Operations team is led by the Chief of Staff, the Office of Sponsored Funding is led by the GPSA Vice President, and the Divisions of Engagement & Outreach, Communications & Marketing, and Legislative Affairs are overseen by Directors nominated by the GPSA President and confirmed by the GPSA Council. Division leaders make up the five members of the President’s Cabinet and provide counsel to the President. Divisions are subsidiary administrative units that support varying functions of the GPSA including activities and social events, lobbying trips, programming, messaging, academic/research collaborations, and elections. Divisions are granted an annual budget set forth by the Ways & Means Committee. Divisions provide a higher level of organization, creating a more efficient and productive graduate student government. Each division is staffed by UNLV graduate and professional students, offering ample leadership opportunities within the GPSA.

All Divisions’ positions are listed on the GPSA Divisions page. Please contact regarding any vacancies.


Committees are an essential part of GPSA’s legislative process. Council members are required to serve on at least one GPSA standing committee or serve as the GPSA representative on a campus-wide committee. The GPSA Council has five standing committees, listed below. Expand each to read the committee’s description.

Constitution & Bylaws Committee

 The Constitution & Bylaws Committee considers all proposed amendments to the GPSA Constitution and the GPSA Bylaws and makes recommendations to the GPSA Council. This committee also oversees that GPSA operations are in compliance with the Constitution and Bylaws.


The Constitution & Bylaws Committee considers all proposed amendments to the GPSA Constitution and the GPSA Bylaws and makes recommendations to the GPSA Council. This committee also oversees that GPSA operations are in compliance with the Constitution and Bylaws.



Legislative Affair Committee

Formerly known as Government Relations and active only during years when the Nevada Legislature met, this committee was reorganized in 2021. The Legislative Affairs Committee prioritizes GPSA initiatives, resolutions, and long-term goals. This committee now operates year-round, executing strategies including lobbying efforts, key message development and dissemination, and preparing and submitting correspondence to local, state, and Congressional offices. The chair of this committee works closely with the university’s Office of Government Affairs. It is imperative that graduate and professional students stay actively involved in communicating with the Board of Regents and the Nevada State Legislature. Increasing state funding in support of higher education is crucial to the diversified growth of Nevada’s economy and the betterment of the State’s community members.


Stay up-to-date with the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) and receive press releases and Board of Regents meeting agendas via email.

Nevada Student Alliance (NSA): is composed of the leadership from the NSHE student governments. NSA meets on a regular basis to discuss issues that impact higher education.

Civic Engagement

Contact your legislator(s). Express how pursuing your graduate or professional education at UNLV has impacted your life and community.

Use this map to determine your district.

Legislator contact information: State Senate and State Assembly.

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Rules & Ethics Committee

The Rules & Ethics Committee exists to evaluate the actions of all GPSA officers, committee members, Council members and representatives, employees, and volunteers as well as explore the qualifications for nominees and applicants to various positions within the graduate student government. The Rules & Ethics Committee enhances the student experience as it holds GPSA’s elected and appointed officials accountable for their actions. This committee investigates concerns, complaints, and grievances brought forth by graduate and professional students, the UNLV community, and the community at large. While striving to provide mediation and resolution, this committee also encourages respect, individuality, and camaraderie.

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee makes Research and Travel Grant funding recommendations to the Council by reviewing submitted applications against the qualifications set forth by the GPSA Sponsorship Operating Policy. The GPSA allocates its largest programming budget of $175,000 annually to the Research and Travel Grant program. All applications for GPSA sponsorship are deliberated privately by the Sponsorship Committee members, but all recommendations submitted to the Council are available to the public upon request. The Council’s approval of the Sponsorship Committee’s recommendations is delegated to the GPSA Vice President. The Vice President will provide a summary of the Sponsorship Committee’s recommendations at the following Council meeting. These funds can only be awarded to enrolled graduate and professional students (minimum one (1) credit hour) at UNLV.

Ways and Means Committee

The Ways and Means Committee represents the Council on matters pertaining to the review and oversight of financial activities within GPSA. The elected GPSA Treasurer assumes the position of chair of this committee upon the start of their term but may delegate the role. The Ways and Means Committee is established for the purposes of preparing the annual GPSA budget in partnership with the GPSA President and GPSA Advisor, serving as financial counsel to GPSA and receiving all requests for funding from Registered Graduate and Professional Student Organizations (RSOs).


The GPSA Council consists of 47 seats for representatives from each academic department and an unlimited number of non-voting seats for members-at-large (no department affiliation) during the fall and spring semesters. The Council convenes regularly, typically the first Thursday of each month. The Council is advised by the elected Executive Board, the GPSA standing and ad hoc committees, the GPSA Manager and Advisor, and a UNLV Faculty Advisor, the Graduate College Dean. During the summer, the Council is abbreviated to a Summer Sessional with at least one representative from each College or School at UNLV (as opposed to each department).

To become involved with Council activities please email To serve as your department representative, fill out the Council Representative Registration Form and contact your graduate coordinator, department chair, or program director to confirm your appointment to the position.

Executive Board

The GPSA has four elected officers which form the Executive Board. The officer positions include the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. If you are interested in serving on the GPSA E-Board, run for election! Declarations of Candidacy are due in early March. Elections are held the first week of April.