Welcome to the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, located in one of the fastest-growing universities in the country and in the most exciting city on the planet. The world today is full of technical challenges, and our ability to meet these challenges will determine our future standard of living and quality of life. The faculty and administration of the College of Engineering are dedicated to producing undergraduate and graduate students who will shape the future in which we live.


Research is an integral part to our students' education, with many internships and cooperative work programs available at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Research activity in the college includes everything from renewable energy, hydrogen production, and storage and information systems to arid lands, homeland security, nano-technology, and transportation.

We are proud that our undergraduate program affords each student to participate in research in addition to the theory taught in the classrooms, a philosophy not shared by many undergraduate programs.

Beneficial Relationships

Relationships with students and future employers has proved beneficial to the college. Interaction between the students and faculty is strongly encouraged, and we pride ourselves in offering individual attention to our students.

We also work closely with the companies that hire our graduates in order to refine the curriculum and ensure that our students are prepared to enter the workplace. This includes not only an extensive technical background but also training in communication, teamwork, business, and creativity. We have seven formal industry advisory boards that regularly provide program-review comments to the college.

This well-rounded approach to education is reflective of Howard R. Hughes, for whom our college was named. A visionary of his time, Hughes was capable of dealing with complex interdisciplinary issues, with a talent in the technical, art, business, and entrepreneurial spheres.

Student Activity

We work hard to create an environment where our students can succeed. The college has numerous organizations for students to become involved in, and our students have had success at regional and national competitions. The pinnacle of all student activity is the senior design activity, which has been a focus for our engineering programs, and significant cash prizes are awarded to the projects judged to be the best by an external panel.

See for Yourself

We continue to grow as we develop new programs, hire new faculty, and explore new areas of research. Perhaps the best way to judge the opportunities at the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering is to come for a visit and check us out for yourself. I welcome your inquiries concerning our current and future activities. Welcome to the college!

Rama Venkat, Ph.D.
Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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