The College of Engineering Advisory Board

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide counsel, connections and resources (funds, in-kind, and personnel) to promote the objectives of the UNLV Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering. The Board is empowered to raise discretionary funds on behalf of the College of Engineering. Members include distinguished alumni, friends and corporate leaders appointed by the Dean of Engineering.

Executive Committee

  • Chair: Michael Maier
    Technology Consultant
  • Vice Chair: Adam Godorov
    Director Land Resources
    NV Energy
  • Immediate Past Chair: Heather Wilde Renze
    Chief Technology Officer
    Roceteer Inc.
  • Civil, Environmental Engineering and Construction Representative: Robert Aytes
    Southwest Gas
  • Computer Science Representative: Mark Newburn
    Vizics, Inc.

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Representative: Ron Justin
    Director of Connected Solutions at Breadware | GroupGets Founder
    Breadware /Get Groups

  • Mechanical Engineering Representative: Bradford Colton
    Product Development, Director
    Extinguish Limited

  • Dr. Rama Venkat
    Dean of Engineering
    UNLV College of Engineering

  • Jack Aylor
    Director of Development
    UNLV College of Engineering