The mission of the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering is to educate the future leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs while discovering, integrating, and applying new engineering and computer science knowledge in service to society.

The overarching goals of the College of Engineering are to:

  • Enable students to achieve excellence in engineering, informatics, computer science, and construction management.
  • Promote the discovery, integration, dissemination and employment of new engineering, informatics, computer science, and construction management knowledge in service to society;
  • Enable economic growth while increasing the quality of life and maintaining the ecosystem. Our core strategy for undergraduate learning in engineering, computer science, informatics and construction management embraces four distinct objectives:
    • Graduates will be technically competent in core areas within their discipline and related mathematics and sciences.
    • Graduates will be able to work within a team and communicate effectively through oral, graphical, and written modalities.
    • Graduates will be able to synthesize diverse information to develop creative design solutions.
    • Graduates will be able to function effectively in an evolving profession.



Areas of Engineering and Computer Science covered under the college mission are: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Undergraduate and graduate degree program in these areas provide employees to the local and regional industry. Some of these students get opportunity to become innovators and entrepreneurs due to their training and education in the college. In addition, the degree programs in Entertainment Engineering and Construction Management serve unique local needs of the hospitality industry.

Research and Development

Our graduate programs thrive due to funded research. They not only train our graduates to be innovators, but also result in innovations which can be a source of income for the university and local economic diversification.


The training and knowledge imparted to our students prepares them for service to local industries and community. Students, Faculty and Staff are involved in a variety of service activities to the community and profession.