Scarlet Capital

At Scarlet Capital, our mission is to catalyze and nurture the growth of early-stage technology startups through venture investment while simultaneously providing significant returns to shareholders and the community. Scarlet Capital's anticipated launch is June 2024. To find out additional information or how to become a limited partner, contact the professionals below or send an email to

Who Does Scarlet Captial Invest In?

Strong Teams: Startups led by experienced, high-quality teams

Innovative Technology: Disruptive technologies that address demonstrable market needs

Scalability: Technologies that can show a feasible path to scale 

Traction: Startups that have a proven demand and feasible plan for acquiring customers

How Does Scarlet Captial Invest?

Fund Size: $25 million

Investment Stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A

Valuation: Up to $20 million, pre-seed

Check Size: $50k to $200k 

Affiliation: Startup must have a tie to UNLV

Empower and fund the innovation ecosystem of Southern Nevada
Drive economic impact and diversification in Nevada and throughout the region
Expand local opportunities in venture capital and finance for UNLV students.

Scarlet Capital Fund Structure and Management

Scarlet Captial Advisory Board

Knowledgeable Venture Capitalists, high-powered Nevada businesspeople, and UNLV representatives will oversee operations and support the GPs in the form of a governing body providing: Strategic Oversight, Investment Approval, Governance & Compliance, Decision-Making, Performance Evaluations.

Managing Partners

Scarlet Capital's GPs and Board will onboard a visionary leader who demonstrates a deep understanding of market trends and a proven ability to identify and nurture innovative startups. This individual will foster lasting relationships with investors and portfolio companies and support the team with all components of the fund.

General Partners

Jointly with the Managing Partner, the UNLV Research Foundation will serve as a General Partner and manage the day to day administration and investment diligence to Scarlet Capital, led by Executive Director Zach Miles, Esq. and Associate Director, Jamie Schwartz, MBA, to support administration and management of the fund.

Limited Partners

Individuals, corporations, family funds, fund-to-funds, and any accredited investor is welcome to become a Limited Partner with a minimum investment of $500k.


The force behind Scarlet Capital's Fund I will be student analysts sourced from the Rebel Ventures Fund. Two paid student leads will support a team of 30 part-time analysts. External due diligence support and guidance will come from experienced venture capital consultants. Analysts are responsible for: Deal flow & Sourcing, Preview Memo Creation, Due Diligence, and Market Research.

Additional Information

For more information or to inquire about participating, please contact The UNLV Research Foundation team:

Zachary Miles

Executive Director, UNLV Research Foundation
Zachary Miles
Mail Code: 1092
Phone: 702-895-4507

Jamie Schwartz

Associate Director, UNLV Research Foundation
Headshot of Jamie Schwartz
Office: HR1 Suite 400
Mail Code: 1049
Phone: 702-895-5641