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UNLV's Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is proud to incorporate the Cadence products into our curriculum. Within the college the products are used in classroom instruction, laboratory exercises, installed in our student computing labs, and in our research centers as research is conducted. Specifically in the College of Engineering, Cadence products are used in several electrical and computer engineering laboratories for:

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  1. Custom IC
  2. SiP
  3. Digital IC
  4. Verification
  5. SPB (PCB)

The use of Cadence products offers UNLV students the experience and training with commercial-grade EDA tools. The following courses - EE221, EE420, EE421, and EE497-498 - incorporate the Cadence products into their daily exercises. Additional classes plan to incorporate the Cadence products into their daily exercises as well. 

For a complete listing of Cadence products, visit the Cadence website.

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