The UNLV School of Dental Medicine will be a driving educational force toward improving the health of the citizens of Nevada through innovative programs of oral healthcare services to the community, integrated biomedical, behavioral, and clinical curricula, and research.


The UNLV School of Dental Medicine provides world-class oral health education while providing for the dental needs of Nevada residents.


Goal 1: Patient Care and Service

Provide excellence in patient-centered clinical care, patient education, and statewide community outreach programs fostering a humanistic environment where individual differences are valued, clear communication provided in all interactions, and cross-cultural relations recognized to meet unique needs of our patients.

Goal 2: Education

Provide an evidence-based, innovative curriculum integrating biomedical, behavioral, and clinical sciences to support student success to ensure competent, contemporary oral health care professionals.

Goal 3: Scholarly Activity

Provide scholarship and research support for faculty, residents, and students.

Goal 4: Professional Development

Provide opportunities, resources, and support to assist faculty and staff in achieving excellence in teaching and learning, ethics, patient-centered care, and professional success.

Goal 5: Community Engagement

To support the mission, UNLV School of Dental Medicine engages with local, state, and regional stakeholders.