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As representatives of the undergraduate student body, we are working hard to create a thriving campus community and to enhance each student’s college experience. Be a part of the UNLV community. Join CSUN and meet new people, help advocate for your voice as students, and have some fun!

Student Organization Funding

Is your organization looking for some financial support from CSUN? Find out how to secure funding from CSUN.

Scholarships & Grants

Looking for assistance to help fund your education? Maybe CSUN can help.


CSUN sponsors various programs to benefit students.

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Total Budget

CSUN's total budget comes from the $1.97 fee per credit paid by all students. This fee is broken down into the following allocations to support all students:

Scholarships and Sponsorships

These funds go directly to students and organizations on campus that require additional funds to serve students

Student Organization Funding

CSUN funds hundreds of student organizations every year to help support a more involved student body

Rebel Events Board

CSUN sponsors the Rebel Events Board to make events like Premier and Homecoming possible

Administration and Stipends

Stipends are the money paid to CSUN student representatives and goes towards paying CSUN's professional staff and various administrative expenses

Departmental Allocations

Departmental budget allocations allow different departments within CSUN to fund their various responsibilities (ie. marketing and elections)

Discretionary Funds

Discretionary funds are allocated for use on unexpected costs and new projects throughout the year