Scholarships and Grants


Welcome to CSUN Scholarships and Grants. CSUN offers a variety of services to eligible undergraduate students attending UNLV including over 15 different scholarships totaling ~$150,000 annually in scholarships and grants:

  • Scholarships and grants are open to any undergraduate regardless of citizenship (i.e. undocumented, DACAmented, TPS, etc.).


CSUN Scholarship applications will close March 27, 2020 at 5 p.m.

Do not wait to apply and review application requirements! Most scholarships require one letter of recommendation and a short essay.

Thinkability Scholarship, $1,000

Recognizes students who possess a disability as defined and recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act (ADA).

Savannah Baltera Scholarship, $1,000

Recognizes low-income high school seniors who display an urge to attend higher education and serve the Las Vegas community.

Textbook Scholarship, $150

Recognizes students who need assistance affording textbooks required for class.

Headstart Scholarship, $2,000

Recognizes students who go above and beyond expectations in the pursuit of their academic goals.

Leadership and Preprofessional Development Scholarship, $2,000

Recognizes students who hold leadership positions on campus, display leadership abilities and potential, or pursue degrees in leadership, pre-professional or occupational fields.

Tom Wiesner Scholarship, $2,000

Recognizes students who display academic abilities and potential.

Student Teaching Scholarship, $1,500

Recognizes students who will be student teaching in Las Vegas.

Non Traditional Student Scholarship, $2,500

Recognizes students who display academic abilities and potential.

Veterans and Military Families Scholarship, $2,000

Recognizes students who are veterans of, or are currently on active duty in, the U.S. Armed Forces, or are spouses of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces currently deployed.

CSUN Scholarships Coordinated by Other Offices

For scholarships that do not require proof of US citizenship or legal permanent residency please visit the Immigrants Rising website.

Study Abroad Scholarship

Thinkability Grant

If a student believes that they are impacted by a disability, they apply for services from the DRC. Then the DRC staff review student's specific situation along with any documentation of disability. If it is determined that additional documentation is needed we then provide the student with an intake packet from the PRACTICE and encourage them to have an assessment done. If the student mentions financial need in the packet or during the assessment the assessor confirms need with Financial Aid makes a request to CSUN to offer the Thinkability grant to cover the $200 cost of the assessment.

Emergency Fund Grant

Application Questions

Questions about CSUN Scholarships or Grants? Please contact for more information.