Jennifer Belch

Alumni Engagement
Office: TAC 115
Mail Code: 1010
Phone: 702-895-2386

Josefina Boyle

UNLV /CSUN Preschool
Mail Code: 3004
Phone: 702-895-3255

Theresa Castillo

Facilities Management
Phone: 702-895-1358

Geraldine Cowden

Honors College
Office: RLL 133
Mail Code: 7003
Phone: 702-895-2263

Edwin Fajardo

Campus Life
Office: SU 314-C13
Mail Code: 2008
Phone: 702-895-5651

Stacey Fott

University Libraries
Office: LLB 3228
Phone: 702-895-2244

Phillipe (Phil) Louis

Delivery Services
Mail Code: 1045

Brian Maley

Facilities Management
Office: FMA 126
Phone: 702-895-1358

Larese Patillo

Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction
Mail Code: 4007
Phone: 702-895-3706

Laurence Myers Reese, MFA

Mail Code: 5085
Phone: 702-895-5549

Barbara Richards

William F. Harrah College of Hospitality
Office: HOS 354
Mail Code: 6021
Phone: 702-895-5501

Breann Wickson

Lee Business School, Department of Marketing and International Business
Office: BEH 416
Mail Code: 6010
Phone: 702-895-3364

Deana Wilson

NSHE Representative
Office: SSC-A 124
Phone: 702-895-4238