Classified Staff Development Fund

Have you taken a seminar, professional development course, attended a conference or meeting or other event?
Have you paid dues or membership fees for work-related organizations for which you were not reimbursed?

If so, and if you are a classified employee (50 percent FTE or more), we invite you to apply for the Classified Staff Development Fund Award.


Grant-in-Aid Program

As a classified employee, you are eligible for education assistance through the UNLV grant-in-aid (GIA) program. This benefit applies to the Classified Employee enrolled at UNLV.

For more information, please visit HR's website.

UNLV Staff Enrichment Award

UNLV is proud to be the first Nevada System of Higher Education institution to offer a tuition assistance award program to help the spouses, domestic partners and dependents of classified employees pursue their education goals! This award program began in FALL 2018. Application procedures, guidelines and answers can be found on the HR's website.


Classified employees’ spouses, domestic partners and dependents, who are admitted to UNLV as undergraduate students, may apply for the award each academic year. The award may be used only for undergraduate courses, and may be used only for courses taken at UNLV.  Classified employee's dependents must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a spouse, domestic partner or financially dependent child of a current classified employee at UNLV.
  • “Financially dependent child” shall mean a natural, adopted or step child of a classified staff member who is not financially independent, is claimed as an exemption for federal income tax purposes under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 152), and has not attained the age of 24. The classified staff member must attest to a dependency each time an award is issued. UNLV may at any time request proof of dependent eligibility for verification purposes.
  •  A domestic partner and their financially dependent children are also eligible if the domestic partnership is registered with the office of the Nevada secretary of state.
  • Must be eligible for undergraduate admission to UNLV.


This award program is available for each term (Fall, Spring, Summer I, II and III). Once the application is reviewed, the Financial Aid office will process the award and the amount will be posted on the student's MyUNLV account.

Classified Staff Development Opportunities through UNLV

UNLV offers a variety of personal and professional development opportunities designed to enhance, enrich, develop, motivate, and retain our diverse workforce. Learn more about the classes, workshops, and programs we offer.

Development Opportunities through the State of Nevada Office of Employee Development

The Office of Employee Development (OED) provides statewide training, development and consultation services to employees and state agencies, enabling them to increase efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and customer satisfaction.  We partner with agencies to provide and retain a highly qualified workforce that effectively serves the citizens of Nevada, with quality and efficiency in management.  It is vital that Nevada has an educated workforce and that our employees have the opportunity to receive professional training and education in critical areas.

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