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The Classified Staff Council represents and serves classified employees and is an advisory group to the president of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The council recognizes the importance of being actively involved in creating a more collaborative campus community.


The mission of the Classified Staff Council is to assist our campus community in creating an inclusive and diverse campus environment. We will accomplish this by communicating and collaborating with colleagues throughout UNLV, serving as a resource for classified employees, providing access to professional development through the Classified Staff Development Fund, highlighting and participating in service opportunities, and seizing opportunities to recognize and reward our peers.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Classified Staff Council consists of six members: Chair, Vice - Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, NSHE representative, Social Media Coordinator

Committee Responsibilities

  • Serves a two (2)-year term, after serving two (2) years as Vice Chair or being elected into position. When a term has reached its end, and the Vice-Chair cannot serve in this capacity or does not wish to serve as Chair at this time, an election will be held and the current Chair can request to be added to the ballot for the reelection. A Chair can serve a total of three (3) terms maximum. 
  • Review and follow the Bylaws of the CSC with assistance from the Executive Committee.
  • Preside over all CSC meetings and set agendas.
  • Call special CSC meetings as he/she deems necessary.
  • Appoint CSC members/classified employees-at-large to serve on various Ad Hoc Committees as he/she deems necessary. Make recommendations to the President, of CSC members/classified staff-at-large, to serve on Standing CSC Committees and University Committees.
  • Have signature authority on all authorized accounts.
  • Vote only in the case of a tie vote.
  • Keep in touch with all classified staff throughout the university, in order to keep abreast of current issues and to be aware of employees’ needs and concerns, in order to better represent them as a whole.
  • Perform all duties that are required of the office.
  • Communicate with the Vice President for Chief of Staff when necessary and/or required.    
  • Coordinate and attend bi-monthly Human Resources Meeting.
  • Serve as lead for Outstanding CSC Member (OSMC) Award (see procedure manual on specific duties).

  • Be elected by members of the CSC to serve a two (2)-year term of office.
  • Assist the Chair in the performance of his/her duties and such other duties as the Chair may direct.
  • Officiate at meetings in the Chair’s absence and assume the office of the Chair (should it become vacant) for the remainder of the previous Chair's term in addition to his/her one year term of service to the CSC as Chair.
  • Act as parliamentarian at all CSC meetings.
  • Be responsible for assisting, conducting and/or monitoring elections for representatives as indicated in ARTICLE II, Section A (ii).
  • Perform all duties as required by the office.
  • Serve as Chair for CSC Development Fund (DFC) (see procedure manual on specific duties).
  • Serve as member for Outstanding CSCl Member (OSMC) Award (see procedure manual on specific duties).
  • Send notification to the newly-elected representative, welcoming him/her to the CSC, enclosing a copy of the Bylaws, and indicating when the next meeting will be held.
  • Attend bi-monthly Human Resources Meeting with CSC Chair.
  • Serve as a member for the CSC Executive Committee and attend monthly meetings.
  • Serve as morale booster campus wide (ie: cookbook)

  • Be elected by members of the CSC to serve a two (2)-year term of office.
  • Record and distribute meeting minutes to the Chair and Vice-Chair of the CSC for approval.
  • Be responsible for preparing and distributing all University correspondence, handouts, etc. that might be required by the Classified StaffCouncil.
  • Provide written ballots for elections.
  • Perform all duties as required by the CSC.
  • Serve as a member for the CSC Executive Committee (ExCom) and attend monthly CSC meetings.

  • Be elected by members of the CSC to serve a two (2)-year term of office.
  • Maintain financial records, collect and deposit funds, disburse funds, and submit financial reports to the Counsel during the calendar year as requested by the CSC Chair.
  • With assistance from the Chair, prepare an annual budget, which is submitted and approved by majority vote, during a closed CSC meeting.
  • Be one of two required signatures on the CSC fund.
  • Be responsible for all transfers from the Foundation to a spendable account.

  • Be elected by members of the CSC to serve a two (2)-year term of office.
  • Coordinate with offices to make requests for accommodations for the CSC. 
  • Be president for all NSHE Classified Council meetings as a UNLV representative and delineate the important information back to the CSC ExCom. 
  • Be responsible for maintaining the inventory of all CSC swag and equipment. 
  • Be responsible for placing EOM Certificate requests. 

  • Be elected by members of the CSC to serve a two (2)-year term of office.
  • Be responsible for the creation and distribution of the CSC Newsletter. 
  • Oversee the multiple social media platforms, including, but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media platforms that the CSC obtains and maintains. 
  • Be responsible for the development and implementation of all CSC sanctioned event distribution material. This includes both printed and digital materials that will be sent out to the campus community. 
  • Be responsible for the maintenance of the CSC website. 

  • Parking Advisory Committee
  • President’s Advisory Council Committee
  • Women’s Advisory Council
  • University Policy Committee
  • PEBP Advisory Committee
  • Dining Advisory Committee
  • Faculty Senate
  • Learning and Development Alliance Committee
  • Campus Surveillance Committee
  • Space Committee
  • UNLV Master Plan Committee