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The Classified Staff Council represents and serves classified employees and is an advisory group to the president of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The council recognizes the importance of being actively involved in creating a more collaborative campus community.


The mission of the Classified Staff Council is to assist our campus community in creating an inclusive and diverse campus environment. We will accomplish this by communicating and collaborating with colleagues throughout UNLV, serving as a resource for classified employees, providing access to professional development through the Classified Staff Development Fund, highlighting and participating in service opportunities, and seizing opportunities to recognize and reward our peers.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Classified Staff Council consists of six members: chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, one at-large representative elected from the council, and one classified employee appointed by the chair.

Committee Responsibilities


  • Commitments to three years, - one as vice chair, one as chair, and one as past chair
  • Reviews and follows the operating guidelines
  • Presides over all council meetings and set agendas
  • Appoints representatives to serve and serves as a representatives on various council ad hoc committees, standing council committees, and university committees
  • Makes recommendations to, and communicates with, the President of the University on behalf of the council and all UNLV classified employees
  • Communicates and listens to all classified staff throughout UNLV about current issues, as well as employees' needs and concerns, in order to better represent you as a whole
  • Performs all duties that are required of the office
  • Notifies the cepartment chair/supervisor of newly-elected representatives

Vice Chair

  • Commitments to three years, - one as vice chair, one as chair, and one as past chair
  • Acts as parliamentarian--operating as the expert in rules of order and the proper procedures for the conduct of meetings at all council meetings
  • Drafts and interprets council guidelines and any other documents used to define, govern, and inform the council
  • Monitors the attendance of representatives and notifies the Chair of unexcused absences
  • Attends all meetings with the Chair, and the planning and conduct of those meetings
  • Assists, conducts, and monitors elections for representatives
  • Officiates meetings in the Chair's absence and assumes the office of the Chair, should it become vacant
  • Assists the Chair in the performance of his/her duties and such other duties as the Chair may direct
  • Perform all duties as required by the office


  • Serves a one year term in office
  • Records and distributes meeting minutes to all council representatives and all classified staff
  • Posts approved minutes to the Council website
  • Prepares and distributes all university correspondence, handouts, etc. that might be required by Council
  • Perform all duties as required by the office


  • Maintains financial records, collects and deposits funds, disburses funds, and submits financial reports to the council during the calendar year as requested by the Chair
  • Prepares annual budget for the fiscal year
  • Completes all transfers from the Foundation to a spendable account
  • Performs all duties as required by the office.

Current Classified Staff Council Committees

  • Parking Advisory Committee
  • President’s Advisory Council Committee
  • Women’s Advisory Council
  • University Policy Committee
  • PEBP Advisory Committee
  • Dining Advisory Committee
  • Faculty Senate
  • Learning and Development Alliance Committee