Departments must complete financial transactions before the close of the fiscal year on June 30, 2024. This webpage contains detailed guidance about fiscal year-end procedures and deadlines.

The last day for Financial Services to post FY2024 transactions is close of business on July 10, 2024. Please make sure all transactions are processed by all approvers and in the appropriate functional area’s inbox by the below deadlines.

FY2024 Year-End Reminders and Deadlines

Please note: These are Financial Services’ deadlines. Be sure to check with your department’s business officer to determine if your department has earlier deadlines.

General Reminders

  • Transaction approvers who will be out of the office during the year-end close process must delegate their Workday inbox in order for transactions to post to the correct accounting period by the deadlines noted below.
  • State accounts with fund FD1XX format need to be expended within the fiscal year.
  • If dates are not specified in the online deadline grid, state-appropriated funds will follow the same cut-off dates established for all accounts.
  • Run Report(s) to identify your outstanding transactions:
    • Business Process Transactions Awaiting Action - by Company
    • Business Process Pending - FIN - CR(CSN)
    • Find “XXX” (ex. Find Purchase Orders, Find Expense Reports, Find Spend Authorizations)

Service Center Charges

Please plan accordingly to ensure that you have enough budget remaining to cover June operating expenses and service center charges not covered by purchase requisitions. Such expenses include but are not limited to, copying, telephone, and motor pool charges.

Date Activity
May 10

Deadline to submit work orders for Telecommunications, Delivery Services, and Facilities, using state accounts.

  • If a department does not have a non–state account, they will need to resubmit Telecommunication work orders, after July 1st.
June 14 Deadline to submit work orders for Telecommunications, using non-state accounts.
June 21 Deadline to submit work orders for Reprographics, using state accounts
  • If you have any questions concerning service center charges, please contact the appropriate center directly.

Information by Transaction Type

Purchase Orders

We strongly encourage you to begin reviewing all open purchase orders, now. Do not wait until later in the year to request closure or cancellation of purchase orders. In particular, obligations remaining for open-ended purchase orders should be reviewed immediately to ensure that they represent an accurate estimate of the cost of additional goods and services to be provided through June 30, 2024. Obligations on purchase orders can be reviewed by using the following report:

  • Open Purchase Order Lines Expanded with Worktag breakout- FIN - CR (UNLV)

Please remember FY24 state-appropriated purchase orders must have goods received or services completed no later than June 30, 2024.

Date Activity
March 15 Deadline to submit state-funded Requisition/PO over $50,000 (all attempts will be made, but purchases can’t be guaranteed)
April 12 Deadline to submit state-funded Requisition/PO under $50,000 (all attempts will be made, but purchases can’t be guaranteed)
June 1 Departments will be able to enter FY25 requisitions
July 12

Open-ended FY24 POs (no matter what the funding source) will be closed as final payments are made. All open-ended purchase orders will be closed no later than July 12, 2024.

Note: Open-ended POs will not roll into the next fiscal year.

Contact your buyer for assistance prior to submission of state-funded requisitions for FY24 after the cut-off dates listed above.

Departments must contact their buyer before entering any new requisitions for FY24 after June 1, 2024.

Procurement Card (PCard)

Departments should maintain close control over purchases made by PCard and verify PCard transactions on a daily basis to ensure state funds are reflected correctly in accounts for budgeting purposes. PCard verifications for FY24 must be submitted by cardholders and through departmental approvals by June 30, 2024, to allow time for processing by the PCard office.

Date Activity
June 1- June 30 Verify and approve PCard Transactions daily
May 31 Last day to place any purchases using state funds. This is to ensure transactions are captured in the current fiscal year.
July 5 All PCard verifications for FY24 must be fully approved (see tip below for transactions verified on or after July 1st). PCard transactions that haven’t been verified and approved by July 5th will be charged to a non-state account.

Tip: For PCard charges that should post to FY24, please make sure to change the Document Date prior to 6/30/2024. From the “Verify Procurement Card Transaction” business process, click on “Information Tab”, and “Edit” to change the “Document Date” of your PCV prior to June 30, 2024 date. Useful reports to run to review outstanding PCard transactions:

  • Find Procurement Card Transaction Verifications
  • Outstanding Credit Card Transactions for PCard by Worker Cost Center - FIN - CR (UNR)

Supplier Invoices and Supplier Invoice Requests

Supplier invoice requests (SIRs) for FY2024 expenses (goods and or services received on or prior to June 30, 2024) must be in the Financial Services’ Workday inbox no later than July 5, 2024.

Please remember that even if transactions relating to FY2024 state-appropriated funds are submitted to Financial Services by the specified cut-off date, transactions will not necessarily be processed if there is insufficient budget or inadequate documentary support. Every attempt will be made to resolve and process all transactions; however, we cannot ensure that transactions will get processed prior to the specified cut-off date if we are unable to resolve questions, budgetary issues or obtain adequate supporting documentation. In the event an FY24 transaction is not processed in FY24, non-state funds will have to be identified to process it in FY25.

Date Activity
June 30 Receipts for all goods and services (all funding sources) need to be received by the close of business.
July 1 - July 5

Accounts Payable will monitor invoices for posting to the correct fiscal year. Goods and services received on or before June 30, 2024, will be posted with an accounting and budget date of June 30, 2024 (FY2024).

  • Invoices for goods and services received after June 30, 2024, will be posted with an accounting and budget date in July (FY2025).
July 5 FY2024 SIRs must be in the Financial Services’ Workday inbox.
July 12

Last day of Financial Services invoice processing to post FY2024 invoices, including state accounts

Tip: Please use the invoice date that is on your invoice when entering SIRs. For example, if you are paying a June 2024 invoice with an invoice date of July 2, 2024, please use the July date when entering the SIR. An SIR attached to a FY2024 PO will apply correctly even if the invoice date is in July.

Note: FY2024 invoices cannot be applied to a FY2025 purchase order.

Expense Reports (travel & non-travel) and Spend Authorizations

Any trip, in-state or out-of-state, beginning in June and ending in July will be charged in its entirety to the fiscal year in which the greater portion of the trip occurs. All expense claims for travel reimbursement for FY2024 must be submitted and in the Financial Services’ inbox by July 5, 2024. This means that all departmental approvals (employee, worktag manager, manager) must be completed on or before July 5, 2024.

Date Activity
June 28

FY2024 Spend Authorization entered before July 1st and remaining open on 06/28/24 will be canceled. Please note the spend authorization number on the travel expense for your reference.

Note: To save duplicate work, please do not submit or enter (including saving as “draft”) FY2025 Spend Authorizations prior to July 1, 2024 as these will be canceled.

July 1 FY2025 Spend Authorizations that require a cash advance for travel occurring on or after July 1, should be entered on July 1, 2024.
July 5 Expense Reports for FY2024 activity must arrive in the Financial Services’ Workday inbox.
July 5 FY2024 Expense reports not fully approved by the department at the end of day on July 5 will be canceled by Financial Services. The department will be required to reenter in the new fiscal year, FY2025.
July 5 All partially expensed spend authorizations will be closed.

Journals and Accounting Adjustments

Journals and accounting adjustments and manual journals for FY2024 must be in the Financial Services’ inbox by the dates below. Please pay particular attention to the transaction date at the top of the accounting adjustment. All FY2024 accounting adjustments must have a date prior to June 30, 2024. Any FY2024 accounting adjustments with an FY2025 date must be canceled and re-started by the department. The transaction date on an accounting adjustment cannot be changed once it has been submitted for approval.

Reassignment of expenses from non-state to state must be fully processed by no later than April 30.

Date Activity
April 10 All expense reassignments from non-state sources to accounts within state fund FD1xx must be pre-approved by Financial Planning, Budget & Analysis and submitted by 4/10/24. Please contact FPBA for approval prior to submitting.

The following dates apply only to PAA transfers from: state to state; non-state to non-state; or transfers associated with clearing account FD892:

June 14: Submit PAAs for budget date prior to 5/31/24
July 5: Submit PAAs for budget date in June

Reports to use to determine what remains in FD892:

  • Payroll Actuals Summary in Clearing Fund (FD892) by Employee – FIN – CR (UNR)”
    • Use FD892 (under worktag filter) and your unit (under organization filter) and correct accordingly.
  • Payroll Accounting Results by Pay Period and Position Organization with Worker - PAY - CR (NSHE)
    • Use FD892 (under worktag filter) and your unit (under organization filter) and correct accordingly.
June 28 All other expense reassignments: state to state; or non-state to non-state; or state to non-state (moves involving FD1xx must be pre-approved by Financial Planning, Budget, Analysis)
July 10 All manual journals, accounting adjustments, and payroll accounting adjustments (PAA) for FY2024 that are not approved on July 10 will be canceled.

Departmental Deposits

The Cashier’s Office will accept and process departmental deposits for Fiscal Year 2024 up until June 27, 2024 at 3 p.m. UNLV departments remitting bank deposits for armored car service must submit the deposits to the Cashier’s Office no later than June 28, 2024 at 10 a.m.. Deposits delivered by the defined times will be included in FY2024 cash deposit activity. Credit card transactions must be closed and batched by the end of day June 28, 2024.


Date Activity
June 27 Cash Receipts to Cashier’s office by 3 pm.
June 28 Deposits to cashier by 10:00 am for armored car service.
June 28 All credit card transactions must be closed and batched by end of day on June 28.

Special Note for State Grants ending June 30, 2024

The deadline to process PCard transactions, journals, accounting adjustments, travel requisitions, and PAAs is June 14, 2024 so that Sponsored Programs has sufficient time to process the final invoice after July 10, 2024 when the classified payroll posts. Any expense that posts after July 10, 2024 must be moved off the grant and in accordance with the deadlines noted in this memo.

PCard purchases with grant worktags should be verified individually by grant. This will limit the effect on other grants if there is a problem and the transaction needs to be cancelled or is delayed.


For FY24, the final transfer date for the Foundation is June 25, 2024. The foundation must receive MTF by the following dates.

Date Activity
May 24

Transfers of $50,000 or more

June 11

Transfers of less than $50,000

Thank you for your cooperation during this year-end process. If you have any questions concerning a specific transaction, please contact the appropriate department at the number provided in the online deadline grid.


If you have any questions concerning a specific transaction, please contact the appropriate department at the number provided in the Year End FY24 Deadline Grid.

For general questions or concerns, please contact:

Lisa Bakke

Executive Director, Financial Services Support
Phone: 702-895-1394

Lori Church

Associate Vice President of Financial Services & Controller
Phone: 702-895-0573