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Cashiering and Student Accounts
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Mail Stop: 1015
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89154



  • 702-895-1164
  • 702-895-0695

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Staff Directory

Carolyn Arita

Business Analyst/Functional Architect
Phone: 702-895-5878

Nicholas Carelli

Accounting Assistant 3
Phone: 702-895-3683

Vonda Collins-Hall

Accounting Assistant III
Phone: 702-895-5668

Jennifer Cozzolino

Accounting Assistant 3
Phone: 702-895-3306

Rose Cummings

Program Officer -Cashiering Supervisor
Phone: 702-895-3924

Nancy Dooley

Accounting Assistant 2
Phone: 702-895-3917

Karina Felizardo

Administrative Assistant 3
Phone: 702-895-3453

Debbie Honrath

Nonresident Alien Tax Specialist and Director of Loan Administration
Phone: 702-895-1243

Veronica Labrada

Program Officer
Phone: 702-895-3427

Casey Lee

Accounting Assistant 2
Phone: 702-895-3683

Betty Nielsen

Assistant Controller for Cashiering and Student Accounts
Phone: 702-895-0480

Linda Nishball-Lee

Loan Administration
Phone: 702-895-3823

Kimberlee Ornbaum

Program Officer
Phone: 702-895-3458

Pamela Sparks

Accounting Assistant 2
Phone: 702-895-3683