Departments/employees should use a purchase order or pcard for hosting events.

  1. Fill out the Host Explanation Form before any purchases are made.
  2. Get approval for estimated costs from the department signature authority (vice president, dean, or the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics).
  3. Review the Host Explanation Form to ensure information is accurately filled out and understandable to the casual observer.
    1. Event date
    2. Name and description of event
    3. Person hosting (does not refer to person ordering, facilitating, or paying for the event)
    4. What items were purchased
    5. Why this business purpose qualifies as a hosting expenditure
    6. Names of individuals hosted/attended
      1. For large gatherings (e.g., seven or more persons), group names may be used
    7. Hosting Code
    8. Worktag Code (see departmental business manager for requirements)
    9. Department contact information
    10. Method of payment
  4. Submit completed and signed form through Workday with appropriate documentation. PDF or JPG of all receipts/bills/invoice submitted must comply with receipt policy.
  5. After the form is reviewed:
    1. If payment was made through PCard, Workday will send a notification for a Workday New PCard Charge
      • To verify add/spend category and work tag (must match the one listed on the hosting form)
      • Use the attachment section of the PCard verification to include the Host Explanation Form and meeting agenda for an internal event
    2. If payment was made by an employee and reimbursement is expected, see workday job aid for more information.
      • Alcohol purchase reimbursement is allowed by using an expense report.
    3. If payment needs to be made directly to the supplier with or without a purchase order, submit a supplier invoice request with your Host Explanation Form and invoice.