DC003 - Accreditation Program

To accommodate the recording of expenses associated with the accreditation process for departments and programs.

DC004 - Athletic Activities

Expenses associated with providing accommodations to visiting athletic administration/personnel during competition events (e.g., stadium suite, venue meals, or accommodations).

DC005 - Community Goodwill

This category includes UNLV employees or departments hosting a person or group, not employed at UNLV, to discuss university business and/or promote the university in a positive manner. Examples of hosted persons/groups are local businesses; members of local, state, national, and international governments; representatives of other non-UNLV groups (accrediting bodies, granting agencies, other universities, etc.); and approved unpaid guests.

These host expenditures should include food and beverage expenses and may include miscellaneous other expenditures such as holiday cards or monthly local community meeting fees that include a meal.

Coffee, soft drinks, individually bottled water, disposable paper and plastic ware may be purchased for general reception areas such as the Presidents and Provost Office where guests of the university are greeted, but are not allowed for employee break rooms. These expenditures also do not include marketing expenses such as giveaways (t-shirts, pens, pencils, mugs, water bottles, pins, etc.).

DC006 - Employee Goodwill

Expenses related to employee recognition promoting goodwill such as flowers for sympathy, illnesses, and births; or expressions of congratulations for significant achievements. Hosting expenses are not permitted for recruitment activities, employee professional development, or participant funded events.

DC007 - Fundraising

Expenses associated with fund raising and maintaining relationships with potential or existing donors to UNLV. Event expenditures associated with existing and potential donors to UNLV for various fundraising and development activities such as athletic events, groundbreakings, etc. These expenditures include reasonable expenses for food, beverages, event tickets, hospitality suites, and small gifts (such as mementos).

DC008 - Government Relations

Expenses such as meals, travel, entry/registration fees, and analysis or studies associated with government relations activities.

DC009 - Grant Funded Hosting

Host expenditures normally may not be charged to grant accounts. However, OMB Circular A-21, paragraph J32 (Meetings and Conferences) states that the costs of meals when the primary purpose is the dissemination of technical information are allowable.

Host accounts are no longer allowable for student and candidate recruitment.

DC010 - Department Meetings

Expenses associated with events where the only participants are institutional employees if:

  • It is a special event, such as a retreat, retirement, or annual recognition or award ceremony, or
  • A business meeting or workshop, scheduled for a specific agenda that runs through a normal meal or break times and whose schedule permits the efficient gathering of employees from different offices or units across the institution. A copy of the meeting agenda must be included with any request for disbursement.
DC011 - Program / Business Development

Expenses associated with development activities for program or business development. These expenditures include reasonable expenses for food, beverages, and event attendance.

DC012 - Regents

Expenses associated with providing accommodations, meals, or supplies for the NSHE Regents in accordance with NSHE Board Policy.

DC015 - Student Life and Government

Expenditures in this category include food and beverage purchases for CSUN or GPSA meetings and other like events.

The Student Life and Government category is used for food, beverage, and purchases for student life activities including, but not limited to, student banquets, appreciation dinners, award ceremonies, receptions, etc., when the hosted portion of these events is paid using campus accounts established for hosting. UNLV logo or LV logo giveaways (t-shirts, etc.) are marketing expenses and are not host expenses in accordance with board policy.

DC016 - Table Purchase – Not Donor Paid

Annual amount limited to $30,000 for the entire UNLV institution. A completed "Request to Purchase Tables" form must be submitted to the President's office for approval prior to making a commitment. The approved form must accompany the Supplier Invoice Request. NSHE procedures and guidelines must be followed—see Manual, Chapter 5, Section 1.7. No table purchases will be allowed for events hosted by other NSHE institutions or for events hosted by registered political action committees.

DC017 - Table Purchase – Donor Paid

Table purchases where a private donor or corporation provides a donation specifically for the institution's purchase of a table or directly pays for the table are not subject to the annual $30,000 limit. A completed "Request to Purchase Tables" form must be submitted to the President's office for approval prior to making a commitment. The approved form must accompany the Supplier Invoice Request. Donor paid table purchases can be made for functions at or organized by other NSHE institutions.

DC018 - Donor, Potential Donors, Visitors, and Other Non-Employee Gifts

Expenses associated with hosting invited dignitaries and guests to campus for official business purposes. Costs may include associated meals and travel.