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Alcohol — Hosting

Alcohol purchases of a hosting nature, such as recruitment for employment, donor relations and guests of the university, are allowed on a reimbursement basis by use of Expense Report (if in travel status, include with travel costs). Tips are not reimbursable.

Alcohol — Events

Alcohol purchases for events should be processed with a requisition (REQ) through Purchasing.
Storage, possession, and use of alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the university campus or other university property unless prior application has been made to and approval has been granted by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

The Alcohol Events Policy provides guidelines for the UNLV community, guests, and visitors conducting events involving alcohol, whether in university facilities, on the university premises, or at off-campus locations when the event is authorized, sponsored, or in other means affiliated with the university.

Excluded are events occurring within the curriculum of the College of Hotel Administration.

Authorization Required

See Event Services policies.

Account Restrictions

No restrictions.


Event Services — Request for Proposal


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