How to Apply

  1. (The $60 application fee is not VA funded) If you have fewer than 24 college credits, apply as a first-year student. If you have more than 24 college credits, apply as a transfer student. Do not include any military transcript credit until accepted by the UNLV evaluation process.

    For graduate admissions, visit the Graduate College website.

  2. If you have college credits to transfer, how to request your transcript are available.

  3. Learn about residency for tuition purposes. If you did not go to high school in Nevada, you will automatically be listed as an out-of-state student when you apply. If you meet requirements for establishing residency, you can avoid these out-of-state charges. Check the residency application to be sure you meet in-state criteria.

  4. Determine your eligibility and apply for your benefit from the VA. To apply for your education benefit, visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website. You will receive a VA Certificate of Eligibility if approved.

  5. Visit UNLV’s VA Certifying Official’s website to get a detailed checklist for your chapter of benefits. Complete all checklist tasks according to the applicable chapter of your VA education benefits based on your situation.

  6. Meet with your academic advisor to choose your classes and get your Semester Enrollment Form signed. Have it signed by your advisor and obtain an up-to-date degree sheet.

  7. For VA education benefits Users – Submit VA education benefits paperwork and Semester Enrollment form to UNLV Office of Veteran Services Or…

    For Active Duty Military Tuition Assistance/Guard Tuition Waiver Users – Submit TA/Waiver paperwork to UNLV Cashier’s Office (SSC-A, Rm 131).

  8. Check your UNLV Rebelmail and log in to your MyUNLV account to check the status of your application and be notified of any materials missing from your application paperwork.

Note: For Chapter 33 – Post 9-11, all required documents must be submitted before the payment due date for that semester. If you miss the deadline, you must make payment arrangements with UNLV (i.e., financial aid or a payment plan) to prevent being charged any late fees. (Late fees are not reimbursable by VA education benefits.) Once the VA payment is processed, the cashier’s office will reimburse you any overpayment.

All steps must be completed to get paid!

Graduate College Forms