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Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology

The mission of the Department of Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology is to create and disseminate knowledge that can be used by our students, scholars in our disciplines, and practitioners in all types of organizations to enrich people's lives and to benefit our community, state, and nation. Please review this website to learn more about our curriculum and dedicated faculty.

Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity

The field of cybersecurity has been identified by the Department of Labor as some of the most needed professional skills, and graduates in the field are in high demand. Currently, there are millions of unfilled positions in the country. The dual specialty of this program, involving engineering and business, gives you an edge over the competition in the job market, where most offered programs are only from the business or engineering colleges, but not jointly.

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two people back to back at computer screens with code projected behind them
Feb. 10, 2021

New interdisciplinary degree looks at long-term solution to thwarting cybercrimes

Summer Mudd riding a mountain bike in the desert
Aug. 31, 2020

When the pandemic forces her to work remotely, she misses seeing the students whom she considers friendly, in-your-face reminders of the real purpose of her finance job in Student Affairs.

Jun. 3, 2020

Business professor and socialization researcher Richard Gardner offers tips for coping with unfounded paranoia that you’re not good enough.

Man on rock gazing at lighthouse in the ocean with storm, thunder, lightening and waves in dark
Mar. 26, 2020

UNLV management professor Payal Sharma and mindset expert James Silvas explore ways trauma can provide opportunities and shape us.



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