Transferable credits to UNLV and degree-applicable credits are two different processes.

Upon admission to UNLV, the Office of Admissions determines which of your courses transfer to UNLV for general university-level credit. For more information visit the Transfer Students page.

Based on that evaluation, the Lee Business School then determines which of those evaluated courses are applicable to your business degree. To determine the degree applicability of a course, the student may be asked to submit an official syllabus, and/or course description to the advising center.

Each course from your previous college(s), which will satisfy a UNLV requirement, will be placed on your degree worksheet. You will receive a copy of the worksheet at your orientation meeting. If you are currently enrolled in courses, be sure to have an official transcript sent to UNLV after your grades are posted. This will not take place until sometime during your first semester.

Tip: When selecting classes for your first semester at UNLV, avoid registering for classes that you think you may have satisfied at a previous college. Once you arrive on campus and meet with your assigned advisor you can discuss your transfer courses and see whether or not they will apply to your degree.

How do I remove my registration hold?

Upon receiving notification of admission to the university, call the Lee Business School Advising Center to secure a seat in the next group advising session. All newly admitted business students- regardless of the number of transfer credits - must obtain academic advising prior to enrolling in classes. It is best to attend a session sooner rather than later.

The group advising session will include information about the degree- applicability of your transfer courses, college policies and other pertinent information needed for the timely and successful completion of your degree at UNLV.

Checklist items to complete prior to attending your group session

  • Bring a copy of your most recent unofficial transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, and/or AP scores
  • Read the following sections of the undergraduate catalog: Academic Policies, General Education and Lee Business School
  • Activate your UNLV email address – Due to student confidentiality laws and policies, the college cannot release student-specific academic information to a non-Rebelmail email address. Therefore, students are expected to activate and use their Rebelmail account when communicating with the Lee Business School
  • Become familiar with the information available to view on MyUNLV
  • Retain all copies of your transfer course syllabi and college catalog. It is likely that your advisor will need this information to apply the maximum amount of transfer credits to your degree

International Course Transfer Policy

Courses transferred from an international institution may require additional information before a final evaluation can be given as to the possible use toward requirements for your degree at UNLV.

First, courses must appear on an official transcript sent from the originating institution to the UNLV Admissions Office and made part of your UNLV records. Courses that do not appear on an official transcript cannot be considered for use toward your degree requirements. Unofficial transcripts will not be reviewed or evaluated by the Lee Business School as they must be validated through the UNLV Admissions Office first.

Often a course description or syllabus is requested by the advising center to appropriately evaluate the course content. These documents will only be accepted in the following format:

Official Institution Course Catalog

  • Must be dated for the period during which the course was taken
  • Course title listed in the catalog must match the title on the transcript
  • Must be printed in English ( if the catalog is not available in English translation will only be accepted from the service agencies listed below)

In addition to the university's transfer requirements, the Lee Business School has the following conditions for transfer credit:

  1. Transfer credits toward upper-division business requirements and toward Microsoft Office proficiency or IS 101 (or equivalent course) are considered only for those courses completed within the seven-year period prior to admission to the business program.
  2. Only transfer business courses completed with a grade of C (2.00) or better may be considered for degree applicability. The Lee Business School does not accept satisfactory/fail credit for business courses except for the approved CLEP credits and advanced placement credits.
  3. Regardless of the number of transfer credits awarded, transfer students must complete at least 50 percent of the required business courses or credits (including pre-major, upper-division business courses and major courses) in residence at UNLV. In addition, at least 50 percent of the major courses must be completed in residence at UNLV. Those students pursuing a business minor must complete 50 percent of the required courses in residence at UNLV.
  4. Only those upper-division business courses taken at an AACSB-accredited school may be considered for upper-division business requirements at UNLV.
  5. The Lee Business School does not accept DANTES credit for upper-division business requirements.
  6. The Lee Business School does not grant transfer credit for the business capstone courses (BUS 496/497/498), therefore, this course must be taken at UNLV.
  7. In accordance with the policies of accrediting authorities, the Lee Business School does not accept lower-division courses for upper-division business requirements.