Art Day


Contact with art can be life-enhancing.

Contact with art can be life-enhancing. Through tours, workshops, and other participant-oriented experiences, visitors are invited to consider what it means to make and think about art.

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Museum Stories & Catalogs

Examination, consideration, and reaction are vital components of any museum’s existence. The Barrick collects thoughtful commentaries by artists, speakers, and writers who have been affected by the institution and its work.

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Campus Cross-pollination

Collaboration stimulates new ideas. The Barrick actively pursues innovative projects with on-campus groups of all disciplines. Our past and ongoing collaborators have come from areas as different as dance, world literature, and neuroscience. The performances and other activities generated by these collaborations are open to the public.



Established in 1988 and named after former Barrick director and UNLV president Donald Baepler, the Donald H. Baepler Xeric Garden is home to 1.5 acres of dry-climate plants from Australia, Europe, and the Americas. It has provided its human visitors with hours of quiet enjoyment while serving as a safe haven for different species of lizards and birdlife. The Garden’s bridges, pathways, and signs are sometimes used as a setting for performances and artworks.

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The Barrick welcomes research of all kinds. Whether you’re a writer needing information for an assignment or thesis, or an artist who wants to know about the techniques on display in our gallery, the Barrick is willing to help. Also, texts on Mesoamerican art, museum studies, and other areas of research are viewable by appointment in our Mannetta Braunstein Research Library.

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Performances and Screenings

The Barrick’s visual arts exhibitions are typically accompanied by programs of art films and experimental media. Films are screened in the auditorium. Check the details of each program for titles and times. Artists in performance-related practices such as dance and theater are sometimes invited to use the gallery space for their work. Performances are usually free, and will be announced in advance.

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Interdisciplinary Curation

UNLV staff, students, and faculty looking for firsthand experience of art curation are invited to submit proposals for exhibitions in the Barrick’s West Gallery. The Barrick curation staff will work with successful applicants over a period of months to shape and realize the final shows. All works must be sourced from the Museum Collection.

Bus to the Barrick

Bus to the Barrick

Our Bus to the Barrick program enables K-12 CCSD groups to visit the Barrick for free by providing fully funded CCSD buses.

Hands-On Workshops

Hands-on Workshops

Our hands-on workshops are tailored to give visitors an opportunity to respond to works currently on display. Special workshops may be led by professional artists who will offer guidance about methods and techniques. Participants are able to take their artwork home at the end of each session.