Woman talking to some children


Help us serve your community by providing opportunities for everyone to experience the power of art. We use donations to the museum for many purposes, including the following:

1. Tours, hands-on workshops, and other programming activities.

Bus to the Barrick, our annual K-12 program, provides free field trips for students from local schools, with an emphasis on classes from underserved communities. These trips are the first time that some of these young Las Vegans have visited an art museum or a university campus. We also hold free Community Day workshops for the public, annual Big Kid/Little Kid painting sessions, and other events that call for art materials and supplies.

(Please note that pandemic safety regulations have compelled us to temporarily cancel all field trips and large-group activities at the Museum.)

2.Caring for artworks.

Donations help us to conserve and protect the artworks in our care. That leads to more opportunities for our visitors to see a wider range of art, and enjoy your favorite works for generations.

3. Improving the collection.

Donations give us more opportunities to focus on our collection, improving our ability to support Las Vegas artists and art that relates to the city. They allow us to engage researchers to generate scholarship that we can make freely available to anyone who wants to learn more about art from Southern Nevada.