Affirming the value of an intellectually flexible community.

Learning should last a lifetime. By offering free access to lectures, art exhibitions, and study facilities, the Barrick affirms the value of a well-informed and intellectually flexible community. We believe in interdisciplinary cooperation between the visual arts and all other areas of life.

 alt="Campus Cross-pollination"

Campus Cross-pollination

Collaboration stimulates new ideas. The Barrick actively pursues innovative projects with on-campus groups of all disciplines. Our past and ongoing collaborators have come from areas as different as dance, world literature, and neuroscience. The performances and other activities generated by these collaborations are open to the public.

 alt="Visiting Artist Lectures"

Visiting Artist Lectures

The Barrick Auditorium hosts a regular Visiting Artist Lecture Series organized by the UNLV Department of Art. Speakers in the series have included curators, arts journalists, and professional artists who work in a wide variety of media. Attendance is free and open to the public. Talks typically take place in the evening and include a Question and Answer Session.

 alt="Interdisciplinary Curation"

Interdisciplinary Curation

UNLV staff, students, and faculty looking for firsthand experience of art curation are invited to submit proposals for exhibitions in the Barrick’s West Gallery. The Barrick curation staff will work with successful applicants over a period of months to shape and realize the final shows. All works must be sourced from the Museum Collection.


The Barrick welcomes research of all kinds. Whether you’re a writer needing information for an assignment or thesis, or an artist who wants to know about the techniques on display in our gallery, the Barrick is willing to help. Also, texts on Mesoamerican art, museum studies, and other areas of research are viewable by appointment in our Mannetta Braunstein Research Library.

 alt="University Forum Lecture Series"

University Forum Lecture Series

The Barrick hosts the University Forum Lecture Series, a twice-yearly program of visiting academic and professional speakers who discuss an eclectic variety of subjects, from international diplomacy to Baroque harpsichord music. Attendance is free. Talks typically take place in the evening and include a Question and Answer Session. The University Forum Lecture Series is organized by the UNLV College of Liberal Arts.

 alt="Publications & Presentations"

Publications & Presentations

Examination, consideration, and reaction are vital components of any museum’s existence. The Barrick collects thoughtful commentaries by artists, speakers, and writers who have been affected by the institution and its work.